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March 23, 2023

Dacia carmaker’s 2017 sales top 655,000 units. Sales dynamics confirmed on the Romanian market, despite the invasion of the used import vehicles

Sales by Romania’s flagship car maker Dacia stood at over 655,000 units in 2017, by 12.2 pct more than in the previous year, with France being the most important outlet with an uptake of 120,000 units, the company said in a Monday release.

The carmaker maintained its position as Romania’s market leader with a share of nearly 29 pct and 43,262 vehicles sold last year, up 11.3 pct as compared to 2016.

According to the cited source, 47 pct of the recorded sales were under the “Rabla” car scrappage program. With over 16,200 traded units (40 pct of the total brand sales), the Logan sedan remained Dacia’s highest in demand model in Romania.

With more than 16,200 traded units, which means approx. 40 pct of the total brand sales, Logan sedan continues to be to most popular Dacia model in Romania.

This outcome could have been better if the domestic market hadn’t suffered the massive impact of the imports of the second-hand vehicles in 2017, given that Romania had a new sad record in the field of the used car registrations last year.

The Logan MCV also continued to be the best selling break model on the domestic market (3,200 units), while Sandero is by far the leader on the B-segment, with over 8,400 units delivered, and second in the ranking by models.

Sandero dominates by far the B-hatch segment, with more than 8,400 units delivered, being on the second place in the ranking by models. It’s worthy to be mentioned that more than 75 pct of the customers opted for the Sandero Stepway version in 2017.

The first generation of the Duster made in 2017 is a real sprint, obtaining the best performance of its entire career before passing on the torch to the New Duster, with almost 8,300 traded units.

Being presented at the Frankfurt Saloon, the new Dacia SUV was released on the Romanian market in December. In only three weeks, 600 units were sold, of which the first 100 have been ordered exclusively online.

With more than 950 units delivered, of which 40 pct represent the Stepway version, Lodgy has consolidated its position as a leader in the monobloc segment.

The Dokker and Dokker VAN models have also recorded good results; the latter succeeded to reach its best performance since its release in 2012, with 3,371 units sold.


Sales on foreign markets


On foreign markets, Dacia last year sold 611,973 vehicles, by 12 percent more than in 2016. Europe is the carmaker’s major marketing region with more than 460,000 vehicles sold in 2017.

With nearly 120,000 units, France is Dacia’s first export destination, while in the general rankings of the best-selling brands in the Hexagon, Dacia is on the 5th position after Volkswagen. This result is mainly based on the success of the Duster and Sandero models.

Germany is the carmaker’s second most important outlet market with 65,000 units sold, Italy ranks third with over 63,000 units, followed by Spain, where more than 56,000 Dacia vehicles have been sold last year.

Italy ranks third, with more than 63,000 units, being followed by Spain, where more than 56,000 Dacia vehicles have been sold last year.

Dacia’s sales in the UK stood at 25,211 units last year, which places the UK eighth among the carmaker’s foreign outlet markets.


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