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April 21, 2021

Dancila after President appoints her in office: I’m waiting for the Parliament’s confirmation vote in order to properly treat the Centennial and the preparations for the presidency of the EU Council. Liviu Dragnea : We want to have the confirmation vote on January 29

Viorica Dancila, the Premier backed by PSD, stated on Wednesday that she is waiting for Parliament’s confirmation vote, pointing out that implementing the governance programme, “properly treating” the Centennial, and the preparations for the presidency of the Council of the EU are important for PSD and for Romanians.

“I thank President Iohannis, President Dragnea, my colleagues and my alliance colleagues for their confidence in me. I am waiting for us to have the vote in Parliament, because implementing the governance programme, properly treating 2018 – the year of the Centennial [of the Great Union] –, and at the same time preparing the takeover of the presidency of the Council of the European Union on 1 January 2019 is important for us, for Romania and for Romanians,” Viorica Dancila, PSD’s nomination for the Premier’s office, stated at a press conference she gave alongside the PSD President, at the Palace of Parliament.


Liviu Dragnea:  We want to have the confirmation vote on January 29


PSD President Liviu Dragnea announced on Wednesday, after Viorica Dancila was appointed Premier, that the PSD leaders will meet next Monday to establish the makeup of the Government, and that the confirmation vote could take place on January 29.

“The President has accepted our nomination and has appointed Mrs Viorica Dancila Premier. The President has chosen stability, despite pressures – from the Opposition parties and from others – to refuse the PSD nomination, and we thank him for that and appreciate it. The onset of a political crisis would have been a grave thing for Romania and the President wanted to avoid this,” Liviu Dragnea stated after Viorica Dancila was appointed Premier.

The PSD leader announced that next Monday the Social Democrats will hold a meeting to establish the makeup of the Government.

“We will convene Parliament in an extraordinary session, so that the confirmation vote would take place in Parliament on January 29. PSD’s Executive Committee will be convened on Monday, to discuss the makeup of the new Cabinet,” Dragnea added.


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