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February 24, 2021

What the leaders of parliamentary parties say about their mandates for consultations with President Iohannis. MEP Viorica Dancila is PSD’s nomination for PM’s office

President Klaus Iohannis announced on Tuesday  that he accepted premier Mihai Tudose’s resignation and will convene on Wednesday consultations with the parliamentary political parties for the formation of the new Government.  The President also announced having appointed incumbent Minister of Defence Mihai Fifor as acting Prime Minister following Mihai Tudose’s stepping down from office.

“Premier Tudose tendered his resignation to me and I accepted it. (…) After Prime Minister Tudose’s stepping down, I appointed Minister Fifor as acting head of the government, and seeking an as fast as possible procedure I did everything in my power to this effect and decided to call consultations with the parliamentary parties tomorrow, on Wednesday. I will send right away the invitations to consultations,” the President said at the Cotroceni Palace.

He mentioned that he is deeply dissatisfied and concerned with the current situation.

“One year after election we already have two failed PSD governments. Now, we obviously need a government to cut short uncertainty. I want us to go through a speedy procedure to establish a new ruling lineup because this political uncertainty must not degenerate into political instability and, more importantly, I want to prevent the possible negative economic consequences of this crisis that set off anew inside the Social Democratic Party,” the head of state said.

According to Art. 107 Para 3 of the Constitution, “…the President of Romania shall appoint another member of the government as acting Prime Minister, tasked with fulfilling the relevant responsibilities until a new government is formed.” The term as interim can be of maximum 45 days.

The head of state sent a letter on Tuesday to the chairs of political parties and groups represented in Parliament, inviting them to consultations at the Cotroceni Palace on Wednesday  in view of designating a candidate for prime minister, the Presidential Administration informs in a release.

Each delegation can be made up of a maximum of five persons, the quoted source informs.

According to the head of state’s agenda, the consultations will start at 12:00 hrs and will be held with representatives of the PSD – ALDE Alliance, USR, PMP, UDMR and also with representatives of the parliamentary group of national minorities.


PSD’s Dragnea to go to Cotroceni with delegation made up of three Social-Democrats and two ALDE members


Chairman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Liviu Dragnea announced that a PSD – Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) delegation will participate in the consultations that are to take place on Wednesday at Cotroceni Presidential Palace, with President Klaus Iohannis, in order to designate a candidate for the Prime Minister office.

“We have discussed the topic today, because we said we will never again go to Cotroceni, in the current mandate, but when I said it, I didn’t think we would have to go to a new round of consultations,” Dragnea stated Tuesday at the PSD headquarters.

He mentioned that he will be part of the delegation made up of PSD’s Secretary General Marian Neacsu and another Social-Democrat, whose name hasn’t yet been set out, as well as two ALDE representatives.


Orban: We’ll ask for snap elections to be triggered, PNL is ready to form the Government


National Liberal Party (PNL) President Ludovic Orban stated on Tuesday, after the party’s Executive Committee meeting, that the Liberals will ask during the consultations at the Presidential Palace for snap elections to be triggered, and that PNL is ready to form the Government.

“Our objective is for PSD to no longer be in Government. We have decided we would not take part in any Government formula alongside PSD. Likewise, we have decided to vote against any Government that contains PSD in its governmental structure. We have decided that the delegation’s mandate would be the request for snap elections, to the extent that that is constitutionally possible. PNL is ready to assume the responsibility of governance by winning the snap elections,” Ludovic Orban stated.

The Liberals also decided that if the decision to trigger snap elections is taken, PNL would not refuse, if asked, the responsibility of forming a parliamentary majority that would back a Government sans PSD.

“The issue of the Premier is not an issue for PNL,” Ludovic Orban added.

Asked if he is the one concerned, Orban replied: “You know this very well.”


Barna: USR will back any option that the President selects to push PSD in the Opposition


Save Romania Union (USR) President Dan Barna stated on Tuesday that USR will back any option that President Klaus Iohannis may select to push the PSD in the Opposition, including by nominating members in a Government.

Before USR’s National Bureau meeting, Dan Barna stated that his party “will support any option that excludes PSD from the Government.”

“USR will back any option that President Iohannis finds to bring PSD in the Opposition, including with members in a Government. If the option of a Premier emerges on the right-wing side, we will back it. If he asks us to nominate a Premier, we will do it,” the USR leader emphasised.


Kelemen Hunor on UDMR’s mandate for consultations: The crisis should end


Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania (UDMR) President Kelemen Hunor states that the Union’s mandate for Wednesday’s consultations at the Cotroceni Palace is that a Government is needed as quickly as possible for the crisis to end. In what concerns Viorica Dancila, Kelemen said he does not know her.

Kelemen Hunor stated on Tuesday that if Viorica Dancila wants a discussion the UDMR leaders will be at her disposal.

“I don’t know Viorica Dancila, I have no information on her, except her statement warning Tudose that what he’s doing (regarding the Szekely flag – editor’s note) is not right. We’ll wait and see what she proposes, with what ministries and ministers she wants to proceed, and if she wants a discussion with us we are at her disposal. Until we find out more information I find it difficult to say this is good or less than good, because I don’t know her, she was not a member of the Romanian Parliament, we did not cross paths, I have no political experience regarding her activity,” Kelemen Hunor stated for Mediafax.

According to him, UDMR’s mandate for Wednesday’s consultations at the Cotroceni Palace will be that a Government is needed as fast as possible, so that the political crisis would end as soon as possible.

“There is no need and it’s not good to delay, those who have a majority have the possibility to form the Government, if they succeed; I’m talking about PSD-ALDE, but of course any other option can be discussed if President Iohannis considers it, because it is up to the Head of State to accept PSD’s nomination or not. But I don’t believe there is another majority apart from PSD-ALDE, so, in our opinion, it’s good for this crisis to end and I hope half a year from now we won’t be meeting at Cotroceni again to discuss a new Government formula. If we go on like this, then PSD would need another 6 Premiers; still, I hope they will stop this permanent scandal,” the UDMR leader concluded.


Basescu: Play, Mr President! I believe it’s worth it


Popular Movement Party (PMP) President Traian Basescu claims that President Klaus Iohannis is justified and even has the political obligation to try nominating a Prime Minister from the Opposition, after the PSD-ALDE alliance proved to be incapable of governing.

“Play, Mr President! I believe it’s worth it,” Traian Basescu wrote on his Facebook page.

The PMP leader went on to write: “Viorica Dancila, another pearl from Teleorman that bears the Daddy trademark, is PSD’s nomination for the Premier’s office. Of course, for the sake of appearances, House lawmaker Dumitru Buzatu (Daddy’s good hand) had the “inspiration for the brilliant nomination” that was unanimously and hastily approved by the ExCom, further to the satisfaction and consolation of the poor Daddy who, the poor thing, had a poor hand with Grindeanu and Tudose. How come the experienced members of the ExCom didn’t think that the President designating Fifor as acting Premier was the guarantee that he would have entrusted him with forming a new Government too, if nominated. In reality, the Social Democrats desperately looked for a person who would remain obedient and docile before Daddy.”

“I believe Iohannis is fully justified and also has – why not – the political obligation to try to nominate a Prime Minister from the Opposition, after the PSD-ALDE alliance proved to be incapable of governing. So, please play, Mr President,” Basescu concluded.


Viorica Dancila is PSD’s nomination for PM’s office. Unanimous vote after two other options were withdrawn


MEP Viorica Dancila is PSD’s nomination for the office of Premier, following Mihai Tudose’s resignation, after Ecaterina Andronescu – another option taken into account – refused the proposition from the start.

Viorica Dancila won a majority of votes, the members of PSD’s National Executive Committee applauding after the results were announced.

PSD Vaslui President Dumitru Buzatu stated on Tuesday, after the Executive Committee meeting, that a majority of Social Democrats voted for Viorica Dancila to be the party’s nomination for the office of Premier, after Ecaterina Andronescu refused the proposition. The option of nominating Petre Daea was also discussed, but the person who tabled the proposition subsequently withdrew it.

“I didn’t nominate her. Ecaterina Andronescu refused, expressing her support for Mrs Dancila. (…) We are preparing for a longer governance. Looking at the way our colleagues expressed themselves, one can notice unanimous support for the Premier designated today,” PSD Vaslui President Dumitru Buzatu said.


PSD’s Dragnea on fresh nomination for Prime Minister: It was a new procedure in CExN of PSD


The procedure by which Viorica Dancila was nominated for the office of Prime Minister was a new one for the National Executive Committee of the Social Democratic Party (CExN of PSD), Liviu Dragnea emphasized.

“We held a CExN meeting after last night’s decision to discuss and establish together about our proposal for Prime Minister, to be submitted to the Romanian President. It was a new procedure for the CExN, with several proposals having been made, each of them supported with arguments by the ones who made them, and we had a very good discussions and we have all reached the conclusion that this kind of discussions are the best and the most sound. In the end we voted for Mrs. Viorica Dancila – the head of the PSD delegation to the European Parliament, with only one abstention,” Dragnea told a press conference held at the PSD headquarters.

He also added that another proposal for Prime Minister was Ecaterina Andronescu, who is PSD Vice-President, but she withdrew her candidacy close to the end of the meeting.

“I also asked my colleagues to agree to have a dialogue with Mrs. Viorica Dancila before voting on this proposal. I asked her many questions, my colleagues also asked her very many questions that were mostly generated by the causes that have created this situation for us. There were civilized questions that received civilized answers and my intention was to make Mrs. Viorica Dancila, if she is accepted to by the Romanian President, aware of the risks she will be facing and of the mistakes she could make, which could lead to a tensed relation with the colleagues from the party or with members from the Government or to a faulty communication. Mrs. Viorica Dancila was proposed by Niculae Badalau. Moreover, our colleagues from the women organization also endorsed this proposal. It was a good discussion, a good meeting and I hope that it will end good after the President receives this proposal,” said the PSD leader in more detail.

According to him, Dancila never abandoned the governing programme of the PSD, neither the initiatives of improving Justice Laws.


Dragnea: Viorica Dancila is a civilised, non-conflictual, very communicative woman and she has a good relationship with European Commission officials


PSD President Liviu Dragnea stated on Tuesday, at the end of the Executive Committee meeting, that Viorica Dancila, the party’s nomination for the Premier’s office, is a civilised, non-conflictual woman who has good relations with Brussels, and this will help Romania in taking over the presidency of the Council of the European Union.

“She has been MEP since January 2009, respected in Brussels, with very good relations, because she is a civilised woman, a non-conflictual woman, she is very communicative, has a good relationship with European Commission officials too. For us, this also represents a signal for Brussels, because the need for the Romanian Government’s relations with the Commission to be much better, for them to have more frequent meetings, is being felt,” Dragnea stated.

The Social Democrats’ leader also stated that Romania must be prepared to take over the presidency of the European Council: “We must prepare very well, it will be an extremely important period for Romania in what concerns the takeover of the presidency of the European Council, and Viorica Dancila’s relations will help both Romania and the President.”

“The fact that she knows her stuff in Brussels, the fact that she knows the officials there, she knows the procedures, will help her very much, will help us very much, including the Romanian President, so that this year’s preparations for the takeover of the presidency will be on schedule. She is very respected inside the party, she never came into conflict with anyone from the party. This is a guarantee for all colleagues that Viorica Dancila will not have an activity, will not generate actions, that would bring us to the two situations we have overcome,” Liviu Dragnea added.

Asked about the projects in which Viorica Dancila was involved and which recommend her for the office of Prime Minister, the PSD leader pointed out she did not want to take part in the press conference because she wants to hold a press conference only if appointed in office by President Iohannis.

When journalists insisted, asking him to name at least one of Dancila’s projects that prompted him to vote for her at the NatExCom meeting, Liviu Dragnea stated he does not want to speak on behalf of Viorica Dancila.


“Viorica Dancila supports the judicial laws overture”


Dragnea added that Viorica Dancila, nominated by the Social Democrats for the office of Premier, supports PSD’s overture concerning the judicial laws.

Asked about Viorica Dancila’s support for the judicial laws, Liviu Dragnea stated: “Viorica Dancila never recanted the governance programme, the overtures to improve the judicial laws, and she supports this endeavour.”


PSD national leader: The activity of each of the current ministers will be assessed very seriously


Dragnea also stated that there is a chance a part of the current ministers of the Cabinet to still be a part of the next government and he said that “the activity of each minister will be assessed very seriously.”

“There is a chance, but only after each minister’s activity is assessed very seriously (…), and if we propose that some of the current ministers to be left aside then we shall have serious arguments for that. What I say is that we will have a discussion first, maybe painful for some, but still necessary,” Dragnea told a press conference held at the PSD headquarters.

Asked if an assessment of the ministers will be done at the net CExN meeting, the PSD head said: “It should be.” However, he said that they will analyze the data and the manner in which the ministers observed the governing programme.

He also said that, “unfortunately”, Prime Minister Mihai Tudose did not receive a serious assessment of the secretaries of state from all the members of his Cabinet.

“We will make it in the next interval. We have already started. Our colleagues from both the Government and the party began to organize and in a short while we will have the assessment of each secretary of state’s activity and we will see how each of them got there,” said the PSD leader.


Olguta Vasilescu: Nominating Viorica Dancila gladdens me. She said she will continue the judicial laws


After PSD’s Executive Committee meeting, Labour Minister Olguta Vasilescu stated that she is glad Viorica Dancila was nominated for the office of Premier and pointed out, among other things, that Dancila said she will continue the judicial laws.

“I was very happy it’s a woman (…), a person who has PSD’s whole support, a person with whom I worked extraordinarily well, and I’m convinced she is a very good choice,” Olguta Vasilescu stated.

She said Viorica Dancila is very close to the party and she has “one hundred per cent guarantees” that what happened in the case of the last two Governments will no longer happen again.

According to Olguta Vasilescu, Dancila told them, during the NatExCom meeting, that she agrees with continuing the judicial laws in Parliament.

Vasilescu added that the reshuffling of the Government was not discussed.

“The future Government will be formed within the Executive Committee, it will be a political cabinet, because PSD will be responsible for the governance,” Vasilescu pointed out.

Asked whether Viorica Dancila is close to Liviu Dragnea, Olguta Vasilescu said: “She’s very close to all the leaders of the party.”


Orban: I betted that PSD’s nomination for the new Premier will be someone from Teleorman; Viorica Dancila will be just another puppet


PNL President Ludovic Orban stated on Tuesday that he betted that PSD’s nomination for the Premier’s office will be someone from Teleorman County, Carmen Dan or Viorica Dancila. Orban stated that Viorica Dancila lacks both experience and notoriety, so she will be “just another puppet from the Teleorman tribe.”

“I actually betted the nominee will be from Teleorman. Carmen Dan or Viorica Dancila. As you know, Viorica Dancila has strong roots in Teleorman County. Talking of democracy within PSD. My only question was whether it would be Carmen Dan, the heroine of Premier Tudose’s ousting, or Mrs Dancila,” Ludovic Orban stated.

The PNL leader stated there is no argument in support of this nomination, since Viorica Dancila lacks experience and notoriety, being set to be “just another puppet from the Teleorman tribe.”

“She has no argument to support this nomination, neither experience nor professional background, political amplitude, or notoriety. She will be just another Premier who will be nothing but a puppet (…) from the Teleorman tribe. We believe the destiny of the Romanian nation must be decided by Romanians, after it was clearly seen that PSD is incapable of governing, and we believe we can no longer let the destiny of the Romanian nation in the hands of the Teleorman tribe,” Orban emphasised.


Who is Viorica Dancila


Viorica Dancila is a MEP, member of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament. She had a previous stint in the European Parliament in 2009-2014.

Dancila is close to PSD President Liviu Dragnea, the latter endorsing her as head of the delegation of Romanian MEPs in the European Parliament, a position she currently holds.

Moreover, Dancila is from Teleorman County, where she was leader of PSD Videle’s women’s organisation and member of the county council.

Vasilica Viorica Dancila was born on Dec. 16, 1963, in Rosiori de Vede, the southern Teleorman county.

She graduated from the Faculty of Well Drilling and Exploitation of Hydrocarbon Deposits, in Ploiesti in 1988. Dancila got a Master’s Degree on the European Public Space at Bucharest National School of Political and Administrative Studies. She is specialized in project programming and management, the oil economy bases and decision-making, an expert in legislative harmonization – European integration.

Dancila worked as an engineer at Oil Company Petrom SA – a OMV Group member – during 1998 – 2009, at Videle Operation Area, the Oil and Gas Production Monitoring Service.

She has been a Social Democrat Party (PSD) member since 1996. She has been heading the PSD Women’s County Organization since 2005; the PSD Euro-deputies group leader in the European Parliament (March 2010 – March 2011); a vice president of the PSD National Women’s Organization (2010 till today).

Dancila became a Social Democrat MEP on Jan. 21, 2009, after Titus Corlatean and Catalin Nechifor left the European Parliament to take up as Romanian parliamentarians. At the European Parliament, Dancila was an alternate member of the Commission on budget control and the Delegation for the relation with Mashrek countries and a full member of the Commission for budgets and the Delegation for the relations with Israel.

She was elected a MEP on the PSD+PC list at the June 7, 2009 polls. She is a member in the European Parliament’s Commission for agriculture and rural development, the Delegation for the relation with Mashrek countries and the Delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union for the Mediterranean.





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