Acting PM Fifor attends video call with the prefects of the counties affected by extreme meteorological phenomena: Operative interventions throughout night to prevent roadblocks

Acting Prime Minister Mihai Fifor announced on Thursday that due to unfavourable weather conditions, operative teams have intervened throughout the night to prevent roadblocks.

“There have been a few situations indeed more complicated, but these have been solved, I think, in an extremely operative manner. I requested all my colleagues ministers involved in this operation (…) to intervene and stand prepared at any moment,” Fifor stated at the video-conference with the prefects of the counties affected by extreme meteorological phenomena, at the Internal Affairs Ministry (MAI) seat.

He specified that presently, there are no “significant roadblocks” which demonstrates “that every institution in its turn has understood to do its duty and continues to do so.”

Internal Affairs Minister Carmen Dan announced Thursday morning that power supply has been cut off due to snowstorm in 132 localities in 13 counties, as many as 32,000 consumers being affected.

“We are facing the first more severe winter episode. (…) This night we haven’t recorded any serious situations or people snowbound, isolated localities, without any access to them. We do have, however, localities were the power supply has been cut off due to snowstorm. According to this morning’s data, we had 132 localities in 13 counties where the power supply was cut off. This means that approximately 32,000 people are affected but Electrica told us they are working on it (…) with 93 teams in the field,” Carmen Dan told the video-conference with the prefects, organised at the seat of MAI.

Thousands of subscribers are without electricity in Alba, Arges, Bacau, Braila and Hunedoara, several trucks remained stranded on national roads, in some counties the roads are not functional due to trees fallen on the driveway, and in Harghita county railway traffic is interrupted because of the heavy snow,” the Romanian Police (IGPR) informed on Thursday.

Because of the wind gusts, maneuvers for the maritime and river transport were suspended in Midia Port.


Classes suspended in several dozen schools countrywide due to blizzard conditions


Classes have been suspended in several dozen schools in the counties hit by adverse weather, Education Minister Liviu Pop on Thursday told a video call with the prefects organized at the premises of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration that also had acting PM Mihai Fifor attending.

“We have specific situations on our hands in spots in various counties where, because of blizzard, power outages or defects at the heating units, the decision was made to suspend classes. I underscore that the educational act is not affected whatsoever as classes in all these schools will be recovered. We also keep in touch with school inspectors and school heads. If necessary, we are ready to take action in any county, mainly for rural kindergartens where the transport of the students could not be ensured. In my opinion everything is under control. My colleagues are in the loop with everything that’s going on there. (…) We recommended the teachers to not count students as absent, especially those who were only late,” Liviu Pop said.

At the request of the acting Prime Minister, the Minister of Education also presented a list of the schools and kindergartens where classes have been suspended, which is as follows: 15 schools in Galati County, one in Arges, five in Bacau County, three in Sibiu, two kindergartens in Vrancea, three schools in Harghita, one in Prahova, three in Valcea, 15 in Iasi, seven in Tulcea, three in Brasov, 19 in Vaslui County and eight in Constanta County.


Weather conditions, stopping Russian gas imports – main risks to gas supply this winter


The weather conditions and stopping gas imports from the Russian Federation are the main risks to the country’s natural gas supply this winter, reads the draft of the Plan for Preventive Action on Securing Gas Supply, launched for public debate by the Ministry of Energy.

Experts in the ministry analyzed five risk scenarios, of which the cessation of gas supplies from the Russian Federation to the EU would have a major impact and an average probability of occurring. In this case, the gas deficit would be 11 million cubic meters per day.

Another risk scenario, extreme weather conditions, would have a notable impact and an average probability, and the deficit would be 5 million cubic meters per day.

Imbalances in natural gas storage would result in a lack of 9 million cubic meters under normal winter conditions, with average temperatures of -5 degrees Celsius and 20 million cubic meters per day at temperatures of -15 degrees Celsius.

At the same time, the occurrence of some failures in the national gas transmission system and on the import lines would have a major impact, but the likelihood to these to happen is low.

However, the ministry’s representatives show that, from the point of view of internal supply sources, the possible incidents that may affect the production process upstream of the National Transport System can be remedied in a timely manner, in 48 hours at the most, without having a significant impact on the supply of natural gas to final consumers.

The authorities give assurances that the gas supply to protected customers will not be affected in any of the situations that would trigger the emergency situation.

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