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March 21, 2023

Dragnea intervenes in the scandal on blocking the metropolitan hospital project in CGMB: ”Hypocrisy and double language are the PNL and USR standard for political actions. I hope PSD-ALDE will unblock the metropolitan hospital project”

Social Democratic Party (PSD) Chairman Liviu Dragnea says that he was sad to hear about the disputes in CGMB on the land for the metropolitan hospital and accuses PNL and USR that hypocrisy and double language are their standard for political actions.

“I was sad to hear about the yesterday’s disputes in the General Council of the Bucharest Municipality on the land for the new Metropolitan Hospital proposed by the General Mayor Gabriela Firea. The result was the stagnation of this so important project for people in Bucharest and for the public health system in general” Liviu Dragnea wrote on his Facebook page.

The PSD leader says that he can understand political disputes to a certain extent, but there must be a limit when it comes to major projects that bring real benefits for people.

“Unfortunately, PNL and USR showed yesterday that this limit doesn’t exist and hypocrisy and double language are their standard for political actions. Yet, I believe that, despite this unpleasant situation, the PSD-ALDE coalition will find solutions to unblock this major project for Bucharest and Romania” Dragnea also stated.

The land on which the RATB Pipera bus depot is located will not be taken over by the Bucharest Municipality, according to the decision of the General Council of Bucharest Municipality (CGMB). Although the draft decision mentions that the Government hasn’t answered to the municipality’s request to transfer under its jurisdiction the land belonging to SRTV, Bucharest Mayor Gabriela Firea said at the beginning of the meeting that both of the lands are in question, and they would have been united into a total area of 10 hectares and the Metropolitan Hospital would have been built on them, as well as a campus for the Medicine students. USR refrained from voting the project, while the PNL group was against because of the location, proposing a land in District 6. Firea accused the PNL councilors of hypocrisy and said that it’s only about a political vanity of the PNL Bucharest leader, Cristian Busoi, who proposed the construction of a Metropolitan Hospital in his electoral campaign, and who told the councilors to vote against the project, because it is not his project anymore. The Mayor patronized him, saying that she will name the hospital with Cristian Busoi’s name. The draft was rejected with 32 pros, 18 abstentions and 2 cons.

The draft decision mentioned that the Government gave no answer related to the Bucharest Municipality’s request to transfer under its jurisdiction a land belonging to SRTV.

“We mention that we took this possibility into account (e.n. – to relocate the RATB bus depot) because a request was made to the Romanian Government by the CGMB decision no.295 since July 7, 2017, in order to transfer the real estate located at 63-65 Pipera Road, District 2, from the public domain of the state and the management of the Romanian Television Corporation to the public domain of the Bucharest Municipality, and this request wasn’t solved until today” reads the explanatory memorandum of the draft decision.

The land located at 55 Pipera Road, District 2, has an area of 53,470 square meters.

In a note sent to the Bucharest Municipality, RATB announced that it can relocate the Pipera bus depot within one year.

At the meeting since July 19, last year, CGMB approved to send a request to the Government to issue decision providing the transfer under its jurisdiction of a land belonging to the Romanian Television Corporation, in order to build the Metropolitan Hospital.

The Metropolitan Hospital will have 2,000 beds and will be done “from scratch”, with departments for oncology, radiotherapy, neurology, intensive care, medical recovery and serious burns.

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