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March 4, 2021

UDMR’ Kelemen expecting political leaders to come out publicly over ex-PM Tudose’s offensive statements

Chairman of the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) Kelemen Hunor said on Monday in Oradea that he is waiting for public statements and clarifications from political leaders regarding the statements of former PM Mihai Tudose regarding the Szekely flag and what – in Kelemen Hunor’s interpretation – was a hint to the reintroduction of the capital punishment for flying the Szekely banner on local administration buildings.

“We awaited for ex-Prime Minister Tudose to offer apologies and also expected a public reaction by the political leaders. Regrettably, a few solid days have passed, but apart from two personalities, no one has had a public reaction. Specifically the two are former PM Victor Ponta who distanced himself from these statements, and PM-designate Viorica Dancila who also distanced herself and rejected such statements. But these two reactions are not enough. Neither the leaders of the [ruling] coalition have come out publicly to say what they think about these statements of the former prime minister, nor did the opposition leaders rush to say anything, neither the president of the USR, nor the PNL or PMP heads. From this point of view today, on Jan. 22, I for myself am a little concerned. Either there are people who agree with these statements, which would be extremely serious, and this is why they do not come up with a public declaration, or there’s something else, fear or some other reason. There’s been silence for more than two weeks. I’ve said it and I repeat it: I am waiting for clarifications, for reactions from political leaders,” said Kelemen Hunor.

The UDMR leader admitted to having received several phone calls from various people on the subject, but he did not consider this to be sufficient.

“It’s true, two or three people have called me and told me privately, over phone, that they do not agree with Tudose’s statements, but I expect public stances. Otherwise, we – not us, UDMR, but the people, the Romanian and the international society – remain under the impression that in Romania the political leaders do not delimit themselves from such statements.”

The UDMR Chairman was invited on Monday to Oradea to mark the Day of Hungarian Culture on January 22nd. He had a meeting with the Union’s mayors and deputy mayors of Bihor County, and is next to participate in a Gala of the Hungarian Culture Day at the State Theater, where he will award several cultural personalities.

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