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October 2, 2022

FinMin Misa meets Dragnea before hearing in parliament on the Fiscal Statement 600: “We are settling the communication errors, I am one of those who are doing this”

Finance Minister Ionut Misa had a talk with the Speaker of the Deputies’ Chamber Liviu Dragnea, before the hearing in the Economic Committee of the Senate, where he gave explanations on the Fiscal Statement 600, together with the President of the National Agency for Fiscal Administration (ANAF), Mirela Calugareanu.

After the talk he had with Liviu Dragnea, Misa stated that he did his job, mentioning that he made propositions regarding the governing program.

Asked if he made propositions related to the governing program at this discussion, Ionut Misa gave an affirmative answer.

As for the renewal of his mandate at the Finance Minister, Misa said: “I appreciate that I did my job. (…) We are settling the communication errors, I am one of those who are doing this”.

“Minister Misa, President ANAF Mirela Calugareanu, URGENTLY STOP THE CONSEQUENCES OF THE FORM 600! I have officially requested today the presence of the Finance Minister and the ANAF President at the Economic Committee of the Senate on Tuesday, January 24, in order to give explanations on the GEO 116/2017 which actually annuls the consequences of the Prevention Law, which was much awaited by the business sector, and on the ANAF order 4140 since December 2017 by which more than 1 million self-employees are obliged to pay CASS since 2012 until today, of course, with the corresponding penalties!!! The history of the VAT retroactive payment since Blejnar was the ANAF President is repeating! I believe that each day in which this Order is in force is repeatedly harming the self-employees!” wrote the Chairman of the Economic Committee of the Senate, Daniel Zamfir, on his Facebook page, last week.

By the GEO 116/2017, the Tudose Government gave the possibility to the ANAF inspectors to be rewarded with bonuses up to 15% of the collected amounts.

ANAF announced that 210,000 individual taxpayers are obliged to submit Fiscal Statement 600 by January 31, 2018, in order to determine the social insurance contribution (CAS) and the social health insurance contribution (CASS). The form is addressed to those obtaining incomes from independent activities. Following the dissatisfaction voiced by those who perform independent activities, the representatives of the governing coalition announced on Monday that the deadline for submitting the documents will be postponed until March 1, a draft GEO being published on the Finance Ministry’s website to this end.

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