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June 18, 2021

Interim PM Fifor says Gendarmerie intervention in Saturday’s protest is under analysis

Interim Prime Minister Mihai Fifor announced that he has been informed by Interior Minister Carmen Dan in respect to an analysis that is carried out regarding the manner in which the Gendarmerie intervened during Saturday’s protests.

“I understand from Mrs Interior Minister Carmen Dan that currently they are analysing the manner in which the Gendarmerie took action. I have seen that the Gendarmerie also issued a release. I am absolutely convinced that Mrs Minister Carmen Dan will draw the necessary conclusions after these assessments. After all, I believe that it was a protest which didn’t have any violent aspects. Gendarmes, as well as the other colleagues with the Interior Ministry, did their job,” Interim PM stated at the end of the National Executive Committee (CExN) meeting of the Social Democratic Party (PSD).

Furthermore, Fifor underscored that citizens are free to protest and it’s best that these manifestations take place within the limits of normality and legality.

“Romania’s citizens are free to protest when they have something to say. This thing is best to happen within the limits of normality and legality. We are a European state and we observe this thing, as we observe any other civic right,” he added.

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