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March 5, 2021

PM-designate Dancila on legally embattled ministers: EU directive upholds presumption of innocence till final sentencing. Liviu Dragnea: I would answer President’s invitation to discuss the ministers’ profiles

Premier-designate Viorica Dancila said on Tuesday when asked whether she will accept legally embattled ministers in the future government that in her capacity as MEP she has voted for a European directive that provides for the presumption of innocence until a final judgment is handed down.

“I cannot answer this question, I cannot know who is and who isn’t criminally tainted, but just consider that I am a MEP and I voted for a European directive that said the presumption of innocence applies until the final conviction and that justice is being served by the judge. This is what I know as a MEP. Now I cannot say: legally embattled or not. We will see what the Executive Committee proposes,” said Viorica Dancila.

Asked whether she will have a say in the formation of the government, she replied: “We will see what the Executive Committee decides, but of course we will also hold talks.”


“Approach manner in European Parliament should be implemented also here”


Prime Minister Designate Viorica Dancila said on Tuesday that the manner of approaching problems in the European Parliament should be implemented also in Romania, mentioning that dialogue and solutions are needed.

Asked what are the things recommending her for the position of prime minister, Dancila replied: “First of all, another approach, a constructive, dialogue-based approach.”

She added that she knows how to work with the European institutions, especially since as of January 1 next year Romania will take over the presidency of the EU Council.

“I have the political experience of the nine years in the European Parliament, I have led the delegation of Romanian MEPs in the Group of European socialists and democrats, I have experience in terms of constructive approach, meaning that I not only see criticism from someone, I also see the fact of coming with solutions. I have worked very well – and I think this should be also the way of working in Romania – with colleagues from many political groups and I think the projects that are important for the country should be addressed by everyone. The approach manner in the European Parliament should be implemented also here and, rather than criticizing, it is good to come up with solutions for the very important issues,” said Viorica Dancila.


Liviu Dragnea: I would answer President’s invitation to discuss the ministers’ profiles


PSD President Liviu Dragnea says that he would answer any invitation from President Klaus Iohannis to discuss the profiles of the ministers. Dragnea thus reacted after the President stated that in his opinion persons who are criminally probed cannot hold offices at the helm of the state.

“The National Executive Committee will vote within its plenum, on Friday, on any proposed member of Government, and it’ll be a political vote. Now I find out that the President said that. I’ve said it all the time, I’d answer any invitation from the President on the topic of the ministers’ profiles,” Liviu Dragnea stated.

On Tuesday, President Klaus Iohannis commented on the possibility that persons with legal problems of a criminal nature might become members of the new Government, stating that his opinion is very well known, namely that persons who are criminally probed have no place at the helm of the state. Iohannis emphasised that the principle of integrity should be written down in the Constitution, for such discussions to no longer take place.

“There are informal discussions. I believe I will be informed – officially too – about the persons who will be nominated. You know my opinion on persons who are criminally prosecuted – they have no place at the helm of the state,” Iohannis stated.

Asked whether he also told PSD President Liviu Dragnea that, Klaus Iohannis said his stance is very well known.

On Monday, journalists asked PSD President Liviu Dragnea if persons investigated by the DNA will be among the members of the new Government. Dragnea replied by saying that if he were to speak his mind the “guardians of the judiciary” would accuse him of putting pressure.

“If I were to venture making an analysis and if I were to speak my mind, of course you and some of the so-called guardians of the judiciary would jump arguing I’m putting pressure, but you didn’t jump when the Prosecutor General was threatening the CCR [Constitutional Court of Romania],” Liviu Dragnea told journalists.

Likewise, asked whether it will be a Government “without epaulettes,” the PSD leader smilingly answered: “Could I still be sure? Of course, not the Premier.”

Liviu Dragnea’s statements come against the backdrop in which Rovana Plumb’s return to the Government is likely.


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