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January 21, 2021

24th of January, the Romanian Principalities Union Day. Crown Custodian Margareta, Prince Radu at the events organized in Iasi. President Iohannis, Patriarch Daniel attend a scientific communications’ session

The program of the events organized on the occasion of the 159th anniversary of the Romanian Principalities Union started on Tuesday in Iasi, with the symposium “The Romanian Army, between the Little and the Great Union”, held at the Culture Palace. The Union Gallery was officially opened at the Union Museum, where the album “The Royal Family at Iasi” was presented, and the exhibition “Romanians’ unions from Alexandru Ioan Cuza to Ferdinand I” was opened.

The program of the events organized on the occasion of the 159th anniversary of the Romanian Principalities Union was announced by the Mayor of Iasi, Mihai Chirica, in a press conference. The Mayor stated that this program will last for several days and will include events that are also dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the twinning of the Iasi and Chisinau municipalities. “We are preparing to organize the first major event in the Centenary, a series of events celebrating the Romanian Principalities Union Day. This year, we are glad to celebrate also the 10th anniversary of the twinning of Iasi and Chisinau, on which occasion we will receive the visit of an important delegation from Chisinau, led by the interim Mayor Silvia Radu. Also, an important group consisting of around 300 young Bessarabians will arrive in Iasi; they will unfold a 100-meter flag behind the military parade. We are waiting for all those who are interested in treating with dignity a national act that laid the foundations for the modern Romania” Mayor Mihai Chirica stated in a press conference. He added that representatives of the Royal House and of the Presidency, the former Prime-Minister Victor Ponta and the former Minister Sorin Campeanu, senators and deputies, are among those who confirmed their presence to the events. “We couldn’t contact anybody from the Romanian Government, since we don’t have a Prime-Minister yet. We sent invitations also to the two Speakers of the Parliament’s Chambers, let’s see what’s going on. In the end, the Little and the Great Union and the other important events will be made by the Romanians” Mayor Chirica said.

The Wednesday’s events in the Union Square will start at 10.00 with a folkloric concert. Starting at 11.00, the following official events will be held: Te Deum, speeches, laying wreaths at the statue of the Ruler Al. I. Cuza, a military parade and the traditional Hora Unirii, “Hai sa dam mana cu mana”. Wreathes will be laid also at the Cuza’s tomb, at the Trei Ierarhi. After the hora, the folkloric concert will continue. People in Iasi are also invited to a popular lunch with traditional Moldavian pies, tea and mulled wine. Starting at 14.30, several events will be organized at the union Museum, culminating with the departure of the military at 18.00 to the Culture Palace in the traditional torch retreat. This is a symbolic action meant to honor the memory of the soldiers who died on the battle fields in the country or abroad. The military column will march on the Stefan cel Mare Boulevard, singing “Drum bun”.

On Wednesday and Thursday evening, starting at 19.00, the National Theater “Vasile Alecsandri” will host the spectacle of the National Theater “Mihai Eminescu” from Chisinau, and a special concert of the Philharmonic will be performed on Friday.


Crown Custodian Margareta, Prince Radu to attend in Iasi Romanian Principalities Union Day


Margareta, Custodian of the Romanian Crown, and Prince Radu will attend on Wednesday in Iasi the Day of the Union of the Romanian Principalities, with the royal couple joining the public festivities in the Union Square.

According to a Royal House release, alongside officials of the municipality and County of Iasi, the Crown Custodian and Prince Radu will lay wreaths at the statue and tomb of Prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza, at the statue of King Ferdinand, and at the portrait of King Mihai I at the Metropolitan Cathedral.

On Wednesday morning Prince Radu will participate at the Iasi City Hall in the celebration of a decade of twinning of the local authorities of Iasi and Chisinau, in the launch of the volume “Iasul, leagan al unirii neamului romanesc / Iasi, the cradle of the Romanian nation’s union,” and in the opening of the photo exhibition dedicated to the city of Chisinau.

Since August 2016 the Royal Family of Romania has participated in 21 events related to the WW I and Great Union Centennial.

Events dedicated to the World War I and the Great Union Centennial will take place under the aegis of the Royal House until December 2019 in Bucharest, throughout the country, in the Republic of Moldova and in several European capital cities.


President Iohannis, Patriarch Daniel  to attend a scientific communications’ session dedicated to Romanian Principalities Union


President Klaus Iohannis and Romanian Orthodox Church (BOR) Patriarch Daniel will attend on Wednesday the session of the scientific communications titled “Romanian Principalities Union, foundation of 1918 Great Union” to be staged at the Patriarchal Palace, a release by the Patriarchy Press Office reads.

The event organised by the Romanian Academy and the Romanian Patriarchy will be opened by the Romanian Academy’s President Academician Cristian Hera and Academician Dan Berindei.

A Holy Mass will open the event at 8:15 hrs in the Patriarchal Cathedral, followed starting with 10:00 hrs by a Te Deum, and from 10:25 hrs by a wreaths laying at the statue of ruler Alexandru Ioan Cuza (first ruler of the United Principalities and of Romania national state, ed. n.).

Certain volumes published at the Basilica Publishing House will be launched in the “Teoctist Patriarhul” Aula Magna with the Patriarchal Palace, at the said event.


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