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October 20, 2021

Ceremonies celebrating the Romanian Principalities Union mark significance of this event for the country’s history. President Iohannis: Romania’s progress bound to coherent, stable legislation able to punish abuses, dishonesty

Romania’s progress is inseparably bound to a coherent, stable legislation able to punish abuses and dishonesty, on Wednesday said President Klaus Iohannis, pointing out that the government has the obligation to be more careful to what the Romanians request.

“Today, when our European destiny is grounded on the rule of law and equality before the law, Romania’s progress is inseparably bound to the existence of a coherent, stable legislation capable to sanction abuses and dishonesty. This is the message sent by the hundreds of thousands of Romanians who have protested in 2017 and at the beginning of 2018, for a stable and wealthy country,” the president said in his speech delivered at the scientific communications’ session titled “Romanian Principalities Union, foundation of the 1918 Great Union” organised at the Patriarchy Palace.

Klaus Iohannis stressed that the government has to be more careful with the citizens’ requests, more preoccupied of the long-term consequences of the measures taken, more open to dialogue.

“We need a state to match the Romanians’ expectations,” Klaus Iohannis added.


Acting PM Fifor: Principalities Union possible firstly due to whole nation’s convergence of spirit


Romanian Principalities Union was possible “both through political, diplomatic efforts of some visionary statesmen, through their friendship relations with key-countries in the European concert of the moment, and most importantly through the whole nation’s convergence of the spirit,” on Wednesday said the Acting Prime Minister Mihai Fifor in his message on Romanian Principalities Union Day.

“Guided as many other European peoples of those times by the wish of national emancipation, aware of the legitimacy of their aspirations, the Romanians of the two Principalities made it on 24 January 1859 to change the course of history, different from the one already set by the external interests’ map. The election of Colonel Cuza as ruler of both Romanian Principalities represented much more than a genuine solution to a matter that seemed to be unsolvable. The Principalities Union was also possible through the political and diplomatic efforts of certain visionary statesmen, through the friendship relations with key-countries in the European concert of the moment and most importantly through the whole nation’s convergence of the spirit which determined the people’s masses of the two Principalities to take their destiny in their own hands,” Fifor said in his message sent to the media on Wednesday by the Gov’t.

He said he’s certain that many families of Romanians can proud themselves with a 1859 unionist ancestor, stressing at the same time that this day is also an occasion of reflection upon the measure in which the past could create the future endlessly, through the horizon of hope it offers.”


Speaker Dragnea: Political people of 1859 prove much wisdom, overcoming misunderstandings


The Chamber of Deputies’ Speaker, president of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Liviu Dragnea says in a message on Wednesday posted on his Facebook page that the political people 159 years ago who have put the foundation stone of the Principalities Union proved much wisdom, overcoming all misunderstandings so to follow the same national goal.

“159 years ago, the Romanians have put the foundation stone of the national great dream: #UNION. The then political people proved a great deal of wisdom, overcoming all misunderstandings, all of them following the same goal: a national state – #Romania,” Liviu Dragnea asserted.

Dragnea adds in his message that “the then political action is the best #example to us, the ones of today”, also wishing “Happy Birthday, Romanians! Happy Birthday, Romania!”


Romanian Academy’s Cristian Hera: Let us pass on to our descendants a united, respected, dignified country


The President of the Romanian Academy, academician Cristian Hera on Wednesday urged to following the example of the Romanian Principalities Union’s founders in building a united, dignified, respected country where concord rules.

“Let the example of the founders of the 24 January 1859’s Union and of 1 December 1918’s, the astral events that are warming the Romanians’ souls in the icy winter periods and forever, be a model to follow. Let us pass on to our descendants a united, dignified and respected country where concord rules, regardless of the differences among us of any nature, such as: ethnic, religious, social or political. Let us have always in mind one single thought: Union makes the strength! Let us be strong, for the sake and grandeur of our motherland Romania,” academician Hera said at the “Romanian Principalities Union, foundation of 1918 Great Union” scientific communications session on Wednesday at the Patriarchy Palace.

In his word opening the event organised by the Romanian Academy and the Romanian Orthodox Church on the Hill of Patriarchy, academician Cristian Hera recalled the moment of the Romanian Principalities Union and praised the personality of then ruler Alexandru Ioan Cuza, characterised by “patriotism, honesty and dignity” features that have characterised Cuza Voda during both his rule and his exile years”, thanks to which he left behind him “a solid state inside” and “a respected state outside.”

President Klaus Iohannis urged the participants in the event to make Romania “an ever stronger state”, where “rights and freedoms are respected, and democracy is the letter of law.”

In his turn, the BOR Patriarch Daniel said the events 159 years ago are “a fundamental historical moment” for the organisation of the modern Romanian state, as well as a foundation for the 1918 Great Union.


Te Deum in memory of the founders of Romanian Principalities Union at Patriarchal Cathedral


A Te Deum in memory of the founders of the Romanian Principalities Union was delivered on Wednesday at the Patriarchal Cathedral in Bucharest.

Ruler Alexandru Ioan Cuza, metropolitans Nifon of Wallachia and Sofronie Miclescu of Moldavia, alongside the other founders of the Romanian Principalities Union were commemorated.

The event, following a Holy Mass was attended by the Romanian Orthodox Church (BOR)’s Patriarch Daniel and President Klaus Iohannis, next to Acting Premier Mihai Fifor, representatives of the Parliament, of the City Hall’s.

The religious event was followed by a laying wreath ceremony at the statue of ruler Alexandru Ioan Cuza on the Hill of Patriarchy.



Iasi, Chisinau mayors celebrate 10 years since twinning in presence of Prince Radu


Representatives of the Chisinau City Hall were on Wednesday in Iasi to celebrate alongside the local authorities 159 years since the Romanian Principalities Union and 10 years since the twinning of the two cities, in the presence of His Royal Highness Prince Radu.

“We witness today 10 years since the two cities have twinned with each other, two cities from two sister countries, that feel and think alike. We have shared a past together, we shall share a future together. It is something that history will tell over the centuries,” the Iasi mayor Mihai Chirica said.

In her turn, the acting Chisinau mayor Silvia Radu asserted that this decade the number of cultural, scientific actions and educational partnerships have grown.

“All these actions were welcome and must go on,” said Silvia Radu, adding that by opening the European financing programmes, in particular the Romania-Moldova Joint Operational Programme, the authorities from both Iasi and Chisinau may kick off the joint development projects.

The event took place in the presence of His Royal Highness Prince Radu.

“I’m very grateful to our hosts today and forever for their very discreet, yet very comprehensive way that reminds us each time how lucky we are that we could meet under certain auspices. I look with so much pride and hope to the fact that the two key-cities of Moldova, Chisinau and Iasi are sitting together at the same table and sit together with the Institution of the Crown, alongside all of the other sides of the Romanian society. I can realize how beautiful it used to be the coincidence in December 2016 when we have celebrated 150 years since the foundation of the Royal House and since the Constitution of Romania has been promulgated. It was an exceptional festivity the Moldovan authorities have unfolded in memory of the Romanians’ kings, followed by the one in Iasi with the Royal Train when we commemorated one century since the refuge of the Royal Family during the Great War. It is a beautiful coincidence that the today’s moment is binding with our anniversary of the 1859’s moment, which is not receiving not even until today on the society’s behalf the real acknowledgement of the exceptional merit our ancestors have had, starting with the Ruling Prince and of course with the moment of the Centennial, through which we celebrate the Great Union,” His Royal Highness Prince Radu said.

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