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April 21, 2021

PNL drafts “Black Book” on PSD-ALDE’s first year in government: One year lost for Romania, the biggest sale of illusions

PNL has drafted a “Black Book” on PSD-ALDE’s first year in government, the Liberals claiming that 2017 was a year lost for Romania and that the parliamentary elections campaign of 2016 was “the biggest sale of illusions” since 1989.

Ludovic Orban stated that PSD-ALDE’s governance programme is “a collection of lies,” that it contains a total of 724 measures but only 33 have been fully implemented after a year in office, some of them being institutional in nature rather than relevant solutions.

“It’s inadmissible for you to have an achievement rate of less than 5 percent in each field of activity after one year in office. Moreover, compared to what they promised, they have included a multitude of things that have had negative consequences and that were not presented in the campaign. For instance, the transfer of contributions to the employees, a fiscal magic trick,” the PNL leader said.

He also presented the Liberals’ main criticism against the Government, accusing that budget expenditures have surpassed revenues by far.

“Unfortunately, expenditures were not channelled toward development measures. The main growth is in personnel expenditures and welfare expenditures,” Orban said.

The PNL leader also pointed out that all macroeconomic balances have been shattered; companies and natural persons have been overtaxed; state-owned companies have simply been robbed, 90 percent of their dividends and all of their funds for maintenance works being taken away from them; the national currency collapsed.

Ludovic Orban also talked about “involution in vital domains” such as education and healthcare.

“In education, we witnessed the return to the communist period, the autonomy of education institutions has been trampled,” he said.

The PNL President claimed that the current ruling majority’s only real preoccupation has been “to square with the independent judiciary (…), to do everything it can to subordinate the judiciary.”

The Liberals detail all their criticism in more than 200 pages.


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