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April 12, 2021

Kaufland Romania announces the inauguration of the Embassy of Sustainability in Romania: The first meeting space of those who fight for a better Romania

Kaufland Romania, as the founder partner, along with The CSR Agency, the initiator, announces the inauguration of the Embassy of Sustainability in Romania, the space that brings together leaders who fight for an economic environment and a responsible society in Romania.

The Embassy, located in a historical monument building on the 42 Sperantei Street, in Bucharest, aims to coagulate and develop the community of all the actors willing to have a responsible activity for Romania, thus addressing to the business environment, professional associations, governmental environment, civil society, academic and diplomatic environment.

On the occasion of the inauguration, Kaufland is inviting all the companies in Romania to get involved into the program called “Ambasada Sustenabilitatii” (“The Embassy of Sustainability”), to join the responsible leaders community and thus to bring their contribution to a sustainable society and economy.

The Embassy has six rooms: the multimedia gallery, the first library of specialized books on sustainability topics in Romania, the conference room, the classroom, the interview studio and the room for festivities or informal events.

Throughout the year, the Embassy will organize thematic events, classes and training sessions for companies that are willing to adopt a responsible management, classes for the students who wish to work in the field, workshops and meetings for the exchange of experience, screenings of educational movies, etc. Also, every year, within a dedicated event, the Embassy will offer recognition to the responsible companies or people who will significantly contribute to a better Romania.

Through its activity, the Embassy aims to encourage, inspire and motivate the companies to develop the field of the investments in Romania’s sustainability, and to provide more responsible products or services – including by stimulating the end-user demand for sustainability.

As a founder partner and supporter of more than 200 CSR projects per year, Kaufland Romania ensures the existence of this space in which the community interested in CSR can meet, from the desire to encourage the approaches of the companies, NGOs or of the actors in the governmental environment to get involved, for the future of a sustainable Romania.

“Kaufland Romania has got involved in founding the Embassy of Sustainability because we need a landmark, a space to gather all the good people who are willing to help and who, through their resources, through their power or their personal example, can change the world. We are one of the most involved companies in CSR and we came here to join our forces, to find solutions, to share knowledge, and this is why we invite all the responsible companies who wish to show their support, to join us” stated the Communication & Corporate Affairs Manager of Kaufland Romania, Valer Hancas.

“The mission of the Embassy is to spread the culture of sustainability in Romania, according to the model in which the foreign embassies propagate their spirit and culture in foreign territories. Sustainability is the characteristic of the activities of the population and organizations in order not to deplete the available resources and to protect the environment, therefore without compromising the possibilities to satisfy the needs of the future generations. Reduced to absurd, it represents the struggle for survival of the human kind. For the moment, it is a new culture, outside the concerns of the Romanian people, and the Embassy has the mission to promote it at political and social level, as well as at the level of the economic values, in order to develop competences, programs and partnerships in Romania” stated Dragos Tuta, the program’s initiator.

In all its projects and activities, the Embassy will aim to contribute to the fulfillment of the 17 Sustainable Development objectives of the United Nations. This year, the events held by the Embassy of Sustainability will stand under the concept “The Sustainable Romania of the next 100 Years”.


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