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March 7, 2021

Academy of Economic Studies awards distinction to European Commissioner Corina Cretu for her contribution to “promoting higher education and economic research”

The Academy of Economic Studies (ASE) awarded European Commissioner Corina Cretu the diploma “University Merit with Gold Medal – Virgil Madgearu” for her contribution to “promoting higher education and economic research.”

“Mrs. Corina Cretu, in her current capacity as European Commissioner, is fully contributing to everything regional policy means at the level of that Romania, has a career worth to be envied, because, over the years, she was a deputy, a senator, she is currently in this top position and in this context we have awarded this diploma to some ASE graduates. The last awards were for Nicolae Vacaroiu, Lazar Comanescu, graduates who through their activity increased the prestige of our university, said Prof. Pavel Nastase, President of ASE Senate.

He added that Corina Cretu’s work “European Romania” is defining for her.

“I think that, by reading this book, we realize the contributions that the European commissioner has brought to what we do in the Academy of Economic Studies – Education and Research in the field of economics and not only,” Nastase said.

In his turn, Prof. Nicolae Istudor, ASE Rector, said that the distinction she gives to European Commissioner Corina Cretu is dedicated to ASE graduates and equivalent to the title of Doctor Honoris Causa.

“We have been thinking about Mrs. Corina Cretu for the fact she holds a very important position at the European Commission, is the European Commissioner for Regional Policy. It is a great honour for us that an ASE graduate is holding such an important position. (…) We want her to become a member of the ASE Academic Community. We want to be close to her, to implement projects. Also, to support the European Commission Representation in Romania if it needs studies, materials in the economic field, where we are very good,” Istudor said.

Corina Cretu said it was “great honour” to receive the highest distinction of the ASE, firstly as a graduate of the Faculty of Economic Planning and Cybernetics.

“It is the faculty that formed me, and the experience within the faculty is the one that has always guided me professionally. I am aware that everything I have achieved in my career originated here, in the knowledge, the skills and the vision imprinted in the university education, but especially, I realized how much this faculty was useful to me when I became a European commissioner,” Cretu pointed out.

She spoke about the ASE’s capacity to use the European funds allocated.

“Structural funds are one of the main resources for Romania’s development and I am impressed by the fact that you have managed to use these European funds. I believe that the investment in young people is in research, innovation, and in terms of the future’s policies it is an investment for our lives, as people, and essential for a modern and European Romania. I would like very also other institutions to analyze what you have done within the ASE from this point of view and be inspired by your example,” pointed out Corina Cretu.

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