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August 8, 2022

Dancila Cabinet members take oath of office. President Iohannis after new Gov’t swearing-in ceremony: I hope this governmental prancing will end

The members of the Government headed by Viorica Dancila took the oath of office at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace on Monday, in the presence of President Klaus Iohannis.

Senate President Calin Popescu Tariceanu, Deputies’ Chamber Speaker Liviu Dragnea, Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) judge Valer Dorneanu, and presidential adviser Laurentiu Stefan also participated in the ceremony.

Parliament on Monday granted the investiture vote to the new Government. Subsequently, President Klaus Iohannis signed the decree on the Government appointment.


President Iohannis after new Gov’t swearing-in ceremony: I hope this governmental prancing will end


President Klaus Iohannis on Monday told the members of the new Cabinet headed by Viorica Dancila that he hopes that, with the third Government proposed by the Social Democrat Party (PSD) – the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) coalition, “this governmental prancing” will end, adding that it led last year to the erosion of the social climate and to a state of spirit that is not beneficial for a society.


” You take over the failure of previous Governments, citizens expect clear direction”


Klaus Iohannis conveyed on Monday to members of the new Gov’t that they have to put in efforts so that things come back to normal because the citizens expect a clear direction.

“You start your mandate under the most unfavorable auspices. You have a difficult mission, but you have to be convincing, starting from a low confidence capital, generated, in the first place, by the political and administrative errors made by the previous two Cabinets. Therefore, you take over, from the start, the failure bill of the two previous Governments, which were also proposed by this majority, and you have, all the more, the obligation to make efforts so that things come back to normal,” the head of state said at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace after the ministers of Dancila Cabinet were sworn-in office.

He stressed that too much time has been wasted and numerous opportunities have been missed, because the promises from the electoral campaign regarding the growth of the citizens’ prosperity and serving the common good have been ignored from the beginning.

“It is a situation which has generated numerous negative effects in the economy and society, and things must be urgently corrected,” the head of state said.

President Iohannis added that in the area of fiscal policies, the changes announced and introduced have anguished the population and the business environment.

“Instead of simplifying things, for the growth of wages, we deal with uncertainties which risk to generate financial instability and major economic imbalances. Instead of promises regarding the increase of wages, there are many employees today claiming that their salaries will actually drop,” he said.

President Klaus Iohannis pointed out that coherence within society is needed in the year when Romania celebrates the Greater Union Centennial.

“2018 is the year when we celebrate the Centennial of modern Romania and a unique moment in the existence of the Romanian nation. There is a need for solidarity, unity, coherence at the level of society and not just to properly mark the anniversary of 100 years since the Greater Union, but to draw, first of all, Romania’s future directions. So far, we haven’t had major projects to gather the main social actors. Instead, we have great expectations from Romanians. The citizens expect a clear, unambiguous direction, in line with the aspirations of strengthening the rule of law, releasing institutions from the threat of corruption. people want prosperity in a country in which politicians respect citizens, a country that knows what it wants and where it is heading. There are things that the political power after the elections of December 2016 did not want to or has not been able to deliver until now. It is you responsibility to do it,” Iohannis concluded.


PSD’s Dragnea: Governmental prancing – President Klaus Iohannis’ established expression; I do not agree with him


Chamber of Deputies Speaker Liviu Dragnea stated on Monday that president Klaus Iohannis took the chance again to criticise the Government and mentioned that “the governmental prancing” is the head of state’s established expression.

“There’s no way he could not have done it, he could not have missed the moment, but that does not mean I agree with him. He cannot say people are not living better, they do live better, the purchasing power has increased, the salaries have risen, he cannot say they went down. However, reality is eventually only one, irrespective of one or the other says. This thing with the governmental prancing is his very own established expression, tax-related, government-related, the next expression will refer to something else,” Dragnea affirmed at Antena 3 private TV broadcaster, in relation to president Klaus Iohannis’ criticism at the swearing-in ceremony of Dancila Cabinet.


Senate’s Tariceanu: President’s statements have nothing but a purely political value


President of the Senate Calin Popescu-Tariceanu believes that the statements of the head of state at the swearing-in ceremony of the new Gov’t only have “a purely political value.”

“In Romania, as long as the debate, transparence and lawful adoption procedures are observed, the laws are submitted to the constitutionality control. (…) I don’t think that in these conditions the president’s statements have anything else but a pure political value. And I believe that they are designed, not as the president stated by showing concern regarding social matters of the society, but rather to fuel these matters, inflaming those who have been protesting for a while, claiming untrue things such as the attack on the independence of Justice or on the fight against corruption. The realities prove exactly the contrary to what the president said on almost all levels,” Tariceanu stated on Monday at Romania TV private television station.


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