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April 14, 2021

EU Commissioner Corina Cretu at the award ceremony of the 2017 European Reporter and Blogger contest: Romania has for the first time the opportunity to redefine itself

European Commissioner for Regional Policy Corina Cretu, attending on Monday evening the award ceremony of the 2017 European Reporter and Blogger contest, called on the youth in attendance to “actively” engage in politics, because the future of the country depends on them.

“We are at a moment when the European Union is getting redefined, it’s for the first time when Romania has the opportunity to redefine itself. Thank you so much for your involvement, because I am disappointed so see so many young people uninterested in politics. Get actively involved because the future of this country depends on you,” Cretu said at the event organized by the European Commission’s Representation in Romania.

She told journalists that it is important that, through their stories, they change mentalities in Romania as far as the EU is concerned.

The European Commissioner said that the EU is now in a critical moment as the UK has decided to leave the project.

“We regret this decision, but we have to respect it, and here we are at a time when the EU is redefining itself in a 27-member format. It is the first time when Romania has the opportunity – and I hope that it grasps it – to be a powerful voice in redefining the EU-27,” Cretu mentioned.

She stressed that through this competition the European Commission’s Representation in Romania attempts to raise the visibility of the EU in media where “foreign policy is increasingly less present.”

The winners of the contest are as follows: Carmen Gavrila (Radio Romania) in the Audio Press category; Bogdan Stanciu (Transylvania Reporter and the Sinteza Magazine) in the Print and Online Press category; Vlad Epurescu (Adevarul) in the category Op-ed; Madalin Necsutu (Evenimentul Zilei) in the category Feature story, Investigation, Interview; Oana Bonu (Cityfemme.com) in the Blog category; Paul Sinka (Paulsinka.blogspot) in the category Media Gallery.

The recipients of honorable mentions are: Robert Lupitu and Aurel Marin (both in the Print and Online Press”); Liviu Iancu (Op-Ed); Teodora Baciu (Feature story, Investigation, Interview); Doina Taranu and Irina Bartolomeu (both in the Blog category); and Ecaterina Dobroiu (Media Gallery).

The prizes consisted of tablets, diplomas and books.

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