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March 29, 2023

All members of Dancila Gov’t give up SPP protection, to protest SPP Director’s “involvement in politics,” publicly denounced by Liviu Dragnea

Premier Viorica Dancila and the members of her Cabinet have given up the protection services offered by the Protection and Guard Service (SPP), political sources told MEDIAFAX, against the backdrop of the accusations that Social Democratic Party (PSD) President Liviu Dragnea levelled against Protection and Guard Service (SPP) Director Lucian Pahontu (photo).

According to the aforementioned sources, Premier Viorica Dancila gave up the SPP’s services right after she was sworn in, the protection services being now offered by the Romanian Gendarmerie.

The decision to give up the SPP’s services was taken by all members of the new Government.

PSD President Liviu Dragnea had repeatedly accused SPP Director Lucian Pahontu of getting involved in politics, at one point stating that he is a venomous character.

Dragnea last talked about Pahontu on Monday evening, after the Dancila Government was sworn in. He stated that several PSD colleagues warned him that SPP Director Lucian Pahontu was “involved more than necessary” in the Tudose Government. Dragnea claimed that Pahontu allegedly told Paul Stanescu that he will be “executed sometime in March.”

Liviu Dragnea said that a state of tension had been reached between the Mihai Tudose Government and PSD and even the coalition, one that could not have led to anything good. Dragnea said that, institutionally, any Premier must have contacts with the SRI, SIE and SPP, however SPP Director Lucian Pahontu was involved in the Government more than necessary.

“Institutionally, any Premier must have contacts with the heads of such institutions – and I’m talking about the SRI, SIE, and a bit about the SPP. At this hour, I don’t know whether the influence on the part of these institutions was so great that it would have determined Sorin Grindeanu and Mihai Tudose to evolve in such a tense relationship with the party and the coalition. I saw how Mihai Tudose evolved after he was no longer Prime Minister, I actually thanked him today, he has become the same open and jolly colleague. Maybe the tension there, maybe the influences. We have no way of knowing now, but this doesn’t mean we won’t find out eventually. Several colleagues have told me that the head of the SPP was involved more than necessary. Mr Paul Stanescu was told that in March I will be executed, and he can be the head of the party. Maybe Grindeanu, Tudose were told the same, I don’t know,” the PSD leader said.

He said he does not see Viorica Dancila allowing herself to be influenced or scared.

“Whoever goes through Brussels, not just in jest, also has the inner power and courage to resist and to reject any propositions of this type, because that person has the power to understand that he/she must fulfil the mission given via Parliament’s vote, that of implementing the governing programme. I don’t see Mrs Viorica Dancila allowing herself to be influenced or, worse, allowing herself to be scared. I have great confidence, I don’t see her allowing herself to get lured,” the PSD leader said.

Dragnea added that he hopes that, at least now, everyone would understand that PSD is not giving up: “We don’t want to give up the democratic vote, the vote cast by Romanians. There is no gesture against European values on my part or on the part of Mr Tariceanu.”

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