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September 19, 2021

Tariceanu, speech at event organised by former SRI officer Daniel Dragomir: I expect President Iohannis to continue being the advocate of the deep state, in order to win another term in office

On Tuesday, Senate Speaker Calin Popescu-Tariceanu gave a speech at an event organised by former Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) officer Daniel Dragomir. In it, he talked about the “tentacles of the deep state” and said that Romanian MEPs and Romanian civil servants from the European Commission misinformed the members of the European Commission, a statement that PSD President Liviu Dragnea had also made on Monday evening, on Antena3.

The event, dubbed “national conference” and organised by ‘Romania 3.0,’ was also attended by House lawmaker Liviu Plesoianu (PSD) and former Senator Marius Obreja, excluded from the PNL in 2016.

In his speech, Tariceanu asked: “How many Romanians are the victims of abuse without us knowing? What is the reach of the deep state’s tentacles?”

In his opinion, Romania is now “a state in which abuses are the order of the day,” and in which an immense regress was registered in what concerns fundamental freedoms and the rights of citizens, if we are to take 1990 as the benchmark.”

“We are living in a Romania that seems to me a country under siege, but not from the politicians who are voting the judicial laws after a lengthy debate that lasted for months and that was distorted. The anti-corruption fight has nothing to do with the judicial laws,” he stated, according to hotnews.ro.

Tariceanu defended Daniel Dragomir: “Daniel Dragomir did not betray national security secrets, he brought attention to the abuses, and this shows me that there are honest people within the Romanian intelligence structures.”

“You should know that the Constitution makes no mention of the independence of prosecutors, they function under the authority of the Justice Minister. When it comes to prosecutors, nobody is talking about an essential element – impartiality. The judicial laws are the first step in breaking this sick connection between the deep state and the judiciary,” he added.

Tariceanu once again called President Iohannis “the advocate of the deep state.”

“I expect President Iohannis to continue being the advocate of the deep state, in order to win another term in office, the way he probably won the first one too,” he commented.

“Even so, I don’t think that he will have arguments to reject the justice laws, especially faced with the new abuses that are brought to the attention of the public opinion every day, which we all get to know. Moreover, I have the hope that these honest people in magistracy, who I believe make up the majority of the magistrates’ body, will use the justice laws for the justice reform. And the reactions that we have received from inside the body of magistrates are very favourable, because they believe that this way judges will be able to win back their independence and will no longer have to be submitted to the pressures of all kinds under which they have functioned until now,” Tariceanu told a press conference.

According to him, the justice laws represent “a first important step aimed at breaking this sick link between the parallel state and justice.”

Tariceanu recalled Dragomir’s revelations, according to which there was a wiretap warrant targeting several politicians, including one on his name, a warrant he was not subsequently informed about and which remained in force up until the presidential elections, even though he was a candidate.

“The wiretapping continued up to the elections. Wiretapping one of the candidates clearly leads to suspicions, because an advantage is being created for one of the candidates,” he said.

“Our goal is to return to normality, to the rule of law in Romania. We are living in an age in which there is growing talk about fake news. I hope these specialists hired by the European Commission (to tackle fake news – editor’s note) would filter as best as possible the information reaching the European Commission,” Tariceanu said, adding in his turn, just like Liviu Dragnea, that the European Commission was misinformed by some Romanian MEPs but also by some Romanian civil servants.

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