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April 11, 2021

Vinul Unirii, the anniversary product launched by Jidvei

On the occasion of the First Centenary of the Greater Romania, Jidvei brings a tribute to all those who devoted themselves to the achievement of the national union, by launching Vinul Unirii (Union Wine – e.n.), an anniversary product celebrating this festive moment for all the Romanians.

“Vinul Unirii was born by our desire, the desire of the big Jidvei family, to render to the present the most valuable thing that the past has given us, to highlight those feelings and experiences that together made possible to fulfill the strongest act in the Romania’s history. I guess we should confess our joy that we are Romanians. This is the most important message that we must tell to the young people” stated the Jidvei President, Eng. Claudiu Necsulescu.

For Vinul Unirii, Jidvei chose two varieties: Feteasca Regala, which was first identified in the 1920s, right on the Tarnave vineyard – this is the homeland of this variety, which covers an area of more than 800 ha, and Roze, a blend of the Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shyraz varieties.

“Being a purely Romanian variety born in Transylvania, Feteasca Regala brings its clear and bright vivacity to this celebration, imposing by its freshness and richness of fruits, as well as by the refreshing acidity and the perfect balance between its citrus flavors, green apple and shades of white flowers. At the same time, the roze with cherry-colored shades, delicate and full of brightness, is a statement of joy and hope, an explosion of spring, intense and warm flavors, an ample and oily taste with shades of cranberries, black cherry and red currant” said Ioan Buia, Winemaking Manager at Jidvei.

With the launch of the anniversary product, Jidvei announces the national campaign “Moment de Mare Unire” (“A Moment of Great Union” – e.n.), which will run throughout the year 2018. The campaign has two main components – events and contests – and is divided into several sections – Cuvinte de Mare Unire, Arta de Mare Unire and Muzica de Mare Unire (Words of Great Union, Arts of Great Union and Music of Great Union – e.n.).

“One hundred years ago, Romanians from all over the country went to Alba Iulia to share a common desire of union. Today, by the campaign called Moment de Mare Unire, we urge Romanians to show the same spirit of our ancestors and we provide them a context that brings them together again” stated Ana Necsulescu, Jidvei Marketing Manager.

Thus, Jidvei orientates young people to document and learn, urges Romanians from all over the world to share the stories and experiences they heard from those who lived the moments of the Great Union, and contributes to portraying the colors of the Great Union and to rediscover historical and patriotic songs.

In order to run the campaign, Jidvei has concluded partnerships with the county authorities of Alba and with the Romanian Television, with which it will develop projects related to the Centenary, and with the Paideia Publishing House, which will support an itinerant exhibition with photos of the Union made by Samoila Marza and other pictures from the last century printed on handmade paper.

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