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March 29, 2023

Minister of Public Finance Teodorovici: Our main target this year – bureaucracy. We need to relieve the existing bureaucratic burden on contributors

Bureaucracy facing both contributors and investors will be the main “target” of the Minister of Public Finances Eugen Teodorescu, this year, as he intends to simplify the relation between contributors and the state, according to the government programme.

The Minister told a press conference held in Tulcea on Thursday that the Ministry of Public Finance’ actions will be mainly aimed at reducing bureaucratic pressure on contributors.

“We need to relieve the existing bureaucratic burden on contributors, individuals or legal entities alike. I believe that this is our major issue as a country. In fiscal terms, if you compare our country with the other states around us, you will see that Romania has a very attractive tax regime. The main problem, however, is bureaucracy, which frightens the contributor and especially the investors. I believe that this is the main area we need to focus our efforts on this year,” said Minister Teodorovici.

He also said that the future Economic Code will simplify normative acts in the fiscal-budget area, so that their number will decrease significantly, while they will also become clearer and easier to work with.

According to Teodorovici, when it comes to the tax field, Romania needs to implement all good practices in the European states.

“This is the real challenge – to manage to simplify the relation between contributors and the state as much as possible, in the fiscal-budget area, and, unfortunately, there are plenty of aspects that we need to deal with in this area. I don’t want to see people gathering in front of a window at the Tax Agency for other things than basic/essential stuff. And in respect to the tax records for companies we need to change the approach. We live in the 21st century and the IT area is a priority for us, the same as Finance. You know very well that we have a progamme going on with the World Bank. We must find a solution for from this concept of IT start all the changes in the fiscal-budget area. I hope that this won’t be a long process though,” said the Minister of Public Finance.

Eugen Teodorovici met in Tulcea, on Thursday morning, with some of the mayors in this county and the representatives of the institutions under the subordination of the Ministry of Public Finance and the representatives of the fishermen associations.

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