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March 5, 2021

PSD’s Claudiu Manda: Liviu Dragnea will surely be heard by SRI Cttee. Maior, Coldea, Basescu and Tariceanu invited before the cttee

Claudiu Manda, chairman of the parliamentary committee overseeing the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), stated on Wednesday that Liviu Dragnea will surely be heard by the oversight committee after he expressed his interest in this sense, the date of the hearing set to be established during the first meeting.

“He will surely be invited,” Claudiu Manda said when journalists asked him about the oversight committee potentially hearing Liviu Dragnea.

Manda confirmed that the date will most likely be established during next week’s meeting.

In his turn, before PSD’s parliamentary groups convened, Liviu Dragnea stated he would answer any invitation. “I’ve invited myself for so long that I’ve become bored,” Dragnea said.

The PSD leader pointed out on Monday too that he would answer any questions before the SRI Committee, pointing out he knows things that must be made known, things concerning broken destinies.

“I’ll answer any kind of question, even before the [SRI] committee, if I’m invited. These things must be known, because we’re talking about a bleak period in the history of this country. We’re talking about destinies broken, people destroyed. How could they remain unsaid, unknown? I watch TV, I also read press interviews… the apostles of justice and other apostles. I won’t talk on TV about pig slaughter, as another guy was doing. These things are far too serious, they must be said for the first time before a committee (the committee overseeing SRI – editor’s note),” Dragnea said on Antean3 private broadcaster.

“If summoned and asked, I won’t play around with words, I won’t tell half-truths. I long hoped the things I said over the years would be taken seriously. I said I’m not afraid, if I’m to die I’ll die standing, I have no reason to lie and I won’t back off when one of this country’s major interests is at stake. It seems I wasn’t taken seriously. I kept warning, I kept publicly asking that we should enter normality. It seems not. And I’m not against anyone, but things must be known, for everyone to understand that this cannot continue this way, there are grave things. We cannot live like this. It’s not normal to live like this. It cannot go on like this. Things happened that should not happen again, and, unfortunately, they are still happening now. Do you think President Iohannis is protected? Not at all,” Dragnea added.

He pointed out President Iohannis will never be able to say he did not know about these “practices,” whose “reminiscences” are felt today too.


Manda: Maior, Coldea, Basescu and Tariceanu invited before SRI Committee


On Wednesday, SRI Committee Chairman Claudiu Manda pointed out that the committee plans to invite George Maior, Florian Coldea, Traian Basescu and Calin Popescu Tariceanu for hearings in the upcoming period.

“I publicly said there are four persons we intend to invite in the upcoming period: Mr Coldea, Mr Maior, Mr Basescu, Mr Tariceanu – we intend to invite them all before the committee, to the extent they want, or they can,” Manda said.

He pointed out he will talk with Maior in this sense on Thursday, at the Palace of Parliament.

“Tomorrow I will have a discussion at the Parliament with Mr George Maior, in order to set the details concerning his hearing, the procedural part, the invitations, to establish the hour and the day depending on his schedule,” Manda said.

“I believe each of the four would like to come and clarify the aspects concerning them. The committee will have to have a conclusion, it’s important for their point of view to exist too,” Manda said.

Asked about Ponta, Manda said the ex-Premier will also be invited but a date has not been set.




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