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September 21, 2020

PNL’s Zamfir after his replacement at helm of Economic Cttee: Zamfir’s head was wanted, Mr Orban has it!

House lawmaker Daniel Zamfir (PNL) stated on Thursday, following the decision to have him replaced as chairman of the Economic Committee, that Ludovic Orban “wanted his head” and got it, adding that the members of PNL’s Senate group praised his activity.

“I have a great frustration, being in the situation of explaining why the party president wants my head. He probably wants my head because someone asked him for it, or he thinks my activity at the Economic Committee is detrimental to the party,” PNL House lawmaker Daniel Zamfir stated at the end of the meeting held by PNL’s Senate group, meeting in which it was decided that Senator Florin Citu should replace him at the helm of the Economic Committee.

Daniel Zamfir said the PNL Senators praised his activity.

“It’s one thing, your activity is very good, we are proud of your activity at the Economic Committee, but go home,” the Liberal said when asked if this was “an execution.”

“Another unprecedented thing has occurred within the PNL. It’s for the first time in PNL’s history that committee chairs are discussed in each parliamentary session. It was a custom, and it still is, that these committees, which are taken over at the start of the mandate, should last the entirety of the mandate, on one condition alone – that the Senator is not excluded from the party or that he/she does not resign. We’ve broken this rule too. It doesn’t matter anymore, Zamfir’s head was wanted, Mr Orban has it. But I want to tell him I’m a tough nut,” Zamfir said.

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