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February 26, 2021

‘Romanian Film Centennial – 100 Years, 100 Films, 100 Cities’ to debut on Saturday in Iasi

The caravan of Romania – Republic of Moldova – Cernauti Romanian cinematographic works organized under the banner ‘Romanian Film Centennial – 100 Years, 100 Films, 100 Cities’ will be launched on Saturday in Iasi, the organizers inform.

The Iasi-based ARTIS association and the MIA Community Association in Chisinau kick off this project in Iasi with a curtain-lifting press conference. National News Agency AGERPRES is co-organizer of the event which will span one year and which is run together with the Iasi Journalism Students Association.

Attending the launch conference will be film critic Irina-Margareta Nistor; film director Igor Cobileanski – project manager for the Republic of Moldova; Andrei Giurgia – project manager, Romania; Alexandru Giboi – director general of AGERPRES, co-organizer; Daniel Sandru – coordinator of the Centennial Anniversary Department of the Iasi City Hall; Radu Botez – deputy mayor of the Iasi municipality, organizer; actors Constantin Puscasu and Daniel Busuioc; Doru Tompea – Professor at the “Petre Andrei” University of Iasi; and Andrei Apreotesei – manager of the Iasi Athenaeum, a release informs.

Igor Cobileanski’s “Eastern Business” will be screened at Saturday’s inaugural event. The entry is free, with bookings available online.

The cinematographic productions were selected by a panel of film critics including Bujor T. Ripeanu, Irina-Margareta Nistor, Ileana Popovici.

The project’s “cinema ambassador” Irina-Margareta Nistor considers that this caravan “represents an opportunity to take a journey to the more remote or closer past of a history depicted in images, to watch and revisit important moviemakers and tenderly radiograph their work.”

In his turn, Andrei Giurgia emphasizes the educational dimension of the approach. “We set off on a challenging trip having as milestones 100 cinematographic and historic stations, featuring 100 personalities from Romania and from across the Prut,” he notes.

Manager of the Iasi Atheneum Andrei Apreotesei says that this project will bring to the attention of the public the “authentic values, the values and people who truly bring about change.”

“When we designed this project, the ideas of Valentina Iusuphodjaev unraveled nicely like in a directorship work you had been long waiting to do, with dedicated producers and actors. (…) Moreover, in Chisinau, where Valentina does the hands-on coordination of the partnerships and sees that work goes on smoothly, we are anxiously waiting to see the project’s impact and the interest it arouses,” Igor Cobileanski says, according to the press release.

AGERPRES director general Alexandru Ion Giboi (photo) terms this project as “difficult but beautiful, with possibly excellent effects on the cinematographic culture of the Romanian public.”

“One of the pleasant surprises of this project is linked to the 15 cities of the Republic of Moldova that will be included in the Romanian Film Caravan. Moreover, the fact that AGERPRES will be present with the documentary The Great Union: Romania 100 Years On, as well as with the photography exhibition ‘Romania: Evolution – Centennial Special Edition’ is a plus for the agency and augurs for a large audience that will get in touch with our main projects for the Centennial,” Alexandru Giboi says.

Professor Daniel Sandru considers that “the Romanian Film Centennial complements the Centennial Anniversary Program of the Iasi municipality on a particularly important dimension, which does not have to do only with visually communicating the evolution of the Romanian society in the past hundred years, from the perspective of the cinematographic industry.”

In his turn, Iasi mayor Mihai Chirica speaks about the importance of the film industry in the context of the 100th anniversary of the Great Union.

“I have never encountered anyone to say he does not like movies. Regardless of genre, the film is an adventure that takes us out of everyday boredom. In the over 100 years of history in its own right, the Romanian film has always been close to the Romanians,” mayor Chirica remarks.

The Romanian Film Centennial is a project running under the Centennial Anniversary program of the Iasi City Hall (2017 – 2020).

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