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January 28, 2023

SRI Cttee Chairman Claudiu Manda to meet George Maior on Friday: “There are things he wants to clarify”

On Thursday, Claudiu Manda, chairman of the parliamentary committee overseeing the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), stated that he will meet Romanian Ambassador to the U.S. George Maior on Friday, in order to establish the way in which the latter must be officially invited before the committee.

“The meeting with Maior has been scheduled for tomorrow. Consequently, I will meet Mr Maior tomorrow, in my office, at the oversight committee. I don’t recall the exact hour, in the first part of the day. It’s not a meeting about which we would like to say very many things publicly. I’ll issue a press release on what we discussed [sic] there, I said it then and I say it now too. We want to discuss this procedural issue, the invitation side, the formal side; after all, he isn’t always in the country and able to come anytime his schedule allows. We will set a day, an hour. There are things to discuss, a lot of things were said before the committee about the activity carried out during the time Mr Maior was SRI Director, many of them have already been stated publicly, as information on or presentations of the things said before the committee. We have no new or extra things, but there are things we, the committee, want to clarify, and I’m sure Mr Maior also wants to clarify,” Manda said.

He pointed out that, so far, there has been no need to issue official invitations.

“So far, we never went through this procedure of [issuing] official, signed, stamped invitations, because we discussed over the phone, we established the schedule based on each of the guests’ schedule, based on the committee’s schedule. In the case of Mr Maior, I understand this procedure is needed, that is why we are meeting,” the Committee Chairman added.

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