Chamber of Deputies’ Speaker Dragnea: I showed President lies sent by Angela Cristea to European Commissioners

The Chamber of Deputies’ Speaker Liviu Dragnea said on Sunday evening that he had told President Klaus Iohannis in the discussion at Cotroceni that the head of the European Commission Delegation in Bucharest had sent “lies” to the European commissioners, and this cannot remain “untaxed”.

“I stayed after the oath taking ceremony, I believe for 10-12 minutes, (…) I showed the President the lies sent by the head of the European Commission Delegation in Bucharest, Angela Cristea, to all the European commissioners. The fresh lies speak, and I told him that I find it a gesture against the Romanian interests that cannot remain untaxed and untold,” Liviu Dragnea told Romania TV, mentioning that he asked to speak with the head of state and the latter accepted.

He added that the head of the European Commission Delegation in Bucharest may also send lies about the President of Romania.

“Today she is lying [the head of the European Commission Delegation in Bucharest] about the prime minister of Romania, maybe yesterday or the day after tomorrow about the president of Romania. She has always communicated about me, I know. I wish her great success and health,” said Dragnea.

The PSD leader also said that he had sent his opinion to the head of the state, but the decision belongs to the President.

“But I told him my opinion, the decision rests with the head of the state. It does not seem to me right that the President of Romania, no matter who he is, when going to Brussels, is not him who informs the European Commission, European commissioners, the European Parliament about the situation in Romania, but other citizens with different positions that say unreal things about what is happening in Romania. And the President, instead of going there to discuss and get something for Romania, must give explanations, what seems to me to be incorrect,” added Dragnea.

The Chamber of Deputies speaker mentioned that the President did not contradict him.

As to the relationship with the head of state, Dragnea underscored that he has all openness to meet with him.


“SPP head uses institution to collect information and influence Gov’t and parties”


Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Social Democratic Party (PSD) leader Liviu Dragnea, on Sunday evening told Romania TV private television broadcaster that the Protection and Guard Service (SPP) head, Lucian Pahontu, for many years, has used the employees of this institution to collect information and to try to influence people in the Government or in the political parties, in one way or the other, and he also sent “certain messages” to prosecutors and judges.

“I didn’t come here with SPP, but with a collaborator who is a driver. I have done this for years, I haven’t benefited from the SPP services, I haven’t had institutional relations with the SPP since I became Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, I did not benefit from the protection, guarding services, cars or other facilities, I have refused to do so from the beginning of my term in office, for a very serious reason: I do not trust the head of this institution, Mr. Pahontu, for I know that for many years he did more than his job required him to do, for many years he used this institution, its employees, to collect information, on one hand, and to try to influence, on the other hand, and sometimes he even succeeded, people from the Government, and from the political parties, in one way or the other,” said Dragnea.

He also added that the SPP head used to go to the prosecutors’ offices and judges to bring them “certain messages.”

“I know from the past years that he did something which was very harmful, and I don’t know if he stopped doing it, that he went to the prosecutors’ offices, courts or he spoke to the prosecutors and judges, bringing them certain messages. All those I discussed about this matter with said that most messages were, practically, from himself, while he claimed they were messages from the presidents, the one before and the current president. Most of those who told me this over time told me that their opinion was neither of the presidents, the one we had before and the current one, actually used him,” said Liviu Dragnea.

The Speaker of the Deputies Chamber also added that most ministers took it for granted that the SPP officers needed to tell to the head of the institution what they did.

“What information was there for this man to collect about a minister to protect him/her? Honestly, what information could he needed to protect them? On the contrary, most of the ministers I talked with, not just in 2017, it is hilarious, all of them took it for granted that the SPP officers needed to tell Pahontu where they were and what they did,” underscored Dragnea.

He also mentioned that Deputy Prime Minister Paul Stanescu said this “very clearly.”

“Where does it say in the job description that the SPP head needs to stick his nose into the political matters, into the internal matters of the political parties, and needs to try to influence the members of the Government? This is really a matter of national security,” said Dragnea.

The PSD leader also added that he didn’t believe President Klaus Iohannis would be interested to know where a certain ministers goes and whom he meets, while underscoring that the head of the state himself is exposed.

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