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March 3, 2021

Giovanni Villabruna is the new President of Confindustria Romania

On January 30th, a few months ahead of schedule, the Confindustria Romania Associates met for an Extraordinary Elective Assembly in order to appoint the new President and the National Council. The outgoing President Mauro Maria Angelini was unable to attend for personal reasons and, therefore, the Assembly was opened by the Deputy Vice-President, Giulio Bertola, who after a brief introduction left the floor to the General Manager, Rocco Ferri for the necessary explanations on the statutory procedures for voting. The election of Giovanni Villabruna (ANSALDO NUCLEARE – ANSALDO ENERGIA GROUP) took place with an exceptional result, reporting a 97% consensus from the Associates, demonstrating both the attention that aroused this prestigious candidacy and the growing interest that the Confindustrial association project has received. The new President has more than thirty years of professional presence in Romania, and is a figure of great importance both in the Italian community present in this country and at the Italian and Romanian Authorities.

“We must persevere in constant pursuit of optimization and advancement. This is the reason why I feel a strong need to head directly for new goals to shorten the time of improvement”, Villabruna declared as a testimony of the new operations he wants to adopt in Confindustria Romania. “I am deeply convinced that the Associative Representation in Confindustria represents a mission that requires dedication and responsibility, but also an attitude of listening, the ability to understand individual cases and identify the specific problems of the Associates, regardless of whether they are Small, Medium or Large Companies, in order to be always able to respond to their needs as best as possible.”

Among the main issues to face with priority, the President Villabruna focused on Associative Development not only as numerical growth but also as qualitative growth, looking positively at the reasons that can aggregate the Italian companies and distancing personal interests and futile arguments that contribute to generating useless divisions, harmful for the good performance of the business.

In continuation of the settlement report, the newly elected President, recalled the need for greater dialogue with Large companies located in the country, in order to strengthen their presence within Confindustria Romania, also addressing a message of reflection for the large Italian Banks present in Romania, intended as indispensable partners to support development, especially for the Small and Medium Enterprises.

A reference also to the sectors of great interest for the growth of Romania, such as Agriculture, understood in a wider sense as Agro-Industry, Energy, Construction/Infrastructure and Environment. Sectors in which the Italian companies daily compete, often facing many difficulties and sometimes risking to be unfairly penalized, even from a financial point of view. Wasting bureaucracy, increase of labor costs, labor shortages are some of the problems of doing business in this country and the role of Confindustria Romania will be to support its Members, in a competent, influential, proactive and purposeful manner, in collaboration with the other Romanian patronal institutions.

Before the presentation of his “government team”, the President of Confindustria Romania, Giovanni Villabruna, concluded the settlement report, raising awareness among the Associates on the importance of contributing not only with words, but also with facts to “making Sistema Italia” without compromising the Confindustrial identity and the operational independence of the Association. President Villabruna’s team for the next two years is composed of:

Alessandro Romei (RINA SIMTEX) as Deputy Vice President; Giulio Bertola (ADV COMMUNICATION)- Chief of Relations with Confindustria; Nicola Longo Dente (UNICREDIT); Roberto Falato (BOSCOLO & PARTNERS CONSULTING)– Treasurer; Fausto Mastrini (AUTO PERUGIA)– Delegate to SMEs; Wolfgang Meier (PIRELLI); Alessio Miconi (OMA ROMANIA)– Delegate to Industrial Relations and Marco Nicastro  (AGRO MAGISA) – Agro-industry delegate.

Sharing objectives, professionalism, competence, time availability, pleasure of the challenge and “enthusiasm in doing” of the individual candidates were the main parameters in choosing this team”, concludes Villabruna.

To complete the President’s team are added the 4 councilors elected by the Assembly:  Vincenzo Gaudino (TELECOMPONENTI ROMANIA); Luca Rabbia (GOLD PLAST); Davide Crovetti (SCG BUILDING); Andrea Infriccioli (BANCA IFIS)

The Assembly was able to count on the presence, as Guest of Honor in the final part of the works, of H.E. the Ambassador of Italy to Bucharest, Marco Giungi who, during his greetings, focused on the importance of the synergic operation among the various components of the Italian System in favor of Italian entrepreneurship in the country and wanted to confirm the characteristic of independent entity of Confindustria Romania in order to further enhance the collaboration between public and private sector. At the Assembly also the heads of the other components of the Italian System in Romania: the Director of the ICE Luca Gentile, the Director of the Institute of Culture, Ezio Peraro and the President of the CCIpR, Roberto Musneci.




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