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June 29, 2022

Bill on the chemical castration of paedophiles. PSD’s Radulescu: If Parliament and the media don’t support it, then they should take responsibility for the next abuse

Social Democratic Party (PSD) House lawmaker Catalin Radulescu stated on Monday that he has re-tabled the bill on the chemical castration of paedophiles, pointing out that if the Parliament and the media do not back this bill then they should take responsibility for the next sexual abuse against a child.

“It’s a bill that is already the law in 15 countries, most of them European, including the Republic of Moldova, and in the U.S., out of 40-something. It’s a medical procedure. If this bill is backed by the Parliament and the media, that’s very good; if not, everybody should undertake the fact that the moment the next child is sexually abused by a mentally ill bastard that means all those who did not back this bill are accomplices,” Radulescu said.

He claimed that this bill is “solely in favour of citizens and our children” and that “this medical procedure does nothing but prevent the repeat offence, with the mentally ill person’s agreement.”

“Somebody should take responsibility when the next child is sexually abused by another person who leaves jail and abuses again. I haven’t talked with the parliamentarians yet, because the bill has been tabled, we’ve just started the parliamentary session, it is probably following the circuit. I too will lobby mainly the health committee, because my physician colleagues are there, and the Health Ministry and my colleagues. If someone doesn’t understand what this is about they should ask me,” Radulescu added.

“I made the bill even softer than the ones in the Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, Germany. I mean over there they no longer ask them if they agree undergoing this medical treatment, those who sexually abuse a child are forced to undergo this treatment. We said it’s done with his agreement, in the presence of the lawyer, in the presence of a physician that he consults and he says he agrees undergoing this medical treatment for life; it’s explained to him that he has medical, mental problems, and in order to avoid this repeat offence he will have to undergo this treatment and then the sentence he would normally received if he were to go to jail would be halved. If it worked in other countries, why don’t we want to do this? Very well, it’s the last time I’ll table this bill, but someone should take responsibility when the next abuse occurs,” Radulescu pointed out.

PSD lawmaker Catalin Radulescu has re-tabled in Parliament the bill which stipulates the halving of sentences for rapists and paedophiles who consent to chemical castration and bans the press from publishing articles that instigate violence against persons investigated for paedophilia.

“In case of sexual aggression crimes committed against minors, or followed by the death of the victim, the criminal will be forced to undergo the chemical castration treatment if he benefits, with his consent, from the provisions of Article 218 (Crimes against sexual freedom and integrity), paragraph 4(1), or Article 220 (Sexual act with a minor), paragraph 4(1), according to which the special limits of the punishment are halved only if the criminal agrees to undergo a chemical castration treatment,” reads the bill on the combating and prevention of paedophile acts and crimes against the sexual freedom and integrity of persons, a bill that House lawmaker Catalin Radulescu (PSD) tabled within the Senate.

According to the bill, the chemical castration treatment is to be carried out in special wards, in conditions of security, “under hospitalisation or ambulatorily, for the continuation of the treatment during the period agreed to by the criminal.”

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