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September 16, 2021

Presidential Administration: President Iohannis pays private visit to Germany and Spain

President Klaus Iohannis is paying a private visit to the Federal Republic of Germany and the Kingdom of Spain, the Presidential Administration mentioned on Tuesday, after a Romanian woman who lives in Tenerife posted on Facebook the name of the hotel in which the Head of State is lodged.

According to the quoted source, the Head of State is paying the private visit on February 3-10.

Adina Mihaela Chiru, a Romanian woman who has been living in Tenerife for several years, posted on the ‘Romanians in Tenerife’ Facebook group that the Romanian President and his wife can be seen in the famous holiday destination.

“Dear friends, if you want to see the President of Romania, he is holidaying in Tenerife with his sweet wife. He is staying at the Abama Hotel, which is a five-star hotel as you know,” Chiru wrote.

The President and his wife, Carmen Iohannis, were recently seen in Munich too, carrying several shopping bags.

The last public activity listed in the ‘President’s Agenda’ section of the Presidential Administration’s website took place on February 1, namely “Romanian President Klaus Iohannis meets Polish Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz.”

It would be interesting to know why the Presidential Administration announced that the President is on holiday so many days after the holiday started, not before it started, as it would have been normal. Had the President not been recognised by Romanians living abroad, would the Presidential Administration have announced his presence in Munich and Tenerife?

The President going on holiday is normal, as long as the holiday is not paid from public funds, the public opinion is informed, and the urgent prerogatives are delegated to the second-ranking person in the state hierarchy – the Speaker of the Senate. Are there reasons why the President left in secret and the visit was revealed to the public opinion after such a delay, an increasing number of social media users are wondering.


President Iohannis decorates military personnel, two Afghanistan wounded warriors included


Despite being on holiday, President Klaus Iohannis signed on Monday the decrees for the decoration of military staff who participated in missions in the Afghanistan theater of operations – including Ionel T. Buzea and Ionel Gh. Toma who sustained wounds while on mission.

The Presidential Administration said in a Monday release that the head of the state conferred the “Faithful Service” National Order 3rd class with war insignia for military staff to corporal 3rd class Buzea T. Ionel and corporal 3rd class Toma Gh. Ionel, “in sign of recognition and appreciation of the professionalism, courage and spirit of sacrifice proven in carrying out a mission in the Afghanistan theater of operations, during which they sustained injuries.”

President Iohannis also conferred the “Military Virtue” Order in the rank of Knight with war insignia for military staff to sub-lieutenant Claudiu S. Mechno, the medal “Valour and Faith” 1st class with war insignia for military staff to sergeant 1st class Costel D. Alexe and sergeant major Daniel S. Paltinus and the medal ” Valour and Faith” 2nd class with war insignia for military staff to corporal 3rd class Iulian-Catalin N. Vlasceanu in sign of recognition and appreciation of the professionalism shown in performing a mission in the Afghanistan theater of operations.”

The decorations were awarded at the proposal of Minister of National Defence Mihai Fifor, the release said.

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