Subway® Romania finished 2017 with excellent financial results and prepares opening 10 new restaurants in 2018

SUBWAY® Romania, part of the world’s largest fast service restaurants chain, ended 2017 with excellent financial results. With 39 restaurants in Romania,  16 in Bucharest, Subway® Romania kept increasing his figures and intends to remain on ascending trend in 2018. Part of the world’s largest fast service restaurants chain, with over 44.000 restaurants in  over 100 countries, Subway® Romania ended 2017 on top. Last year the selling volume per restaurant increased with 9% then in 2016. At national level the number of customers was increasing during 2017 with 6%.  Similar positive trend continues also during January with positive outlook.

“As previous years we continue to keep the positive trend and growing our business increasing the turnover, units’ sales, profitability and number of the stores. We are franchise network, so the right question should be focused on the profitability of our franchisees. Following the AOP strategy for 2017 we succeed to increase the avg. profitability per store with three digits”, says Rumen Radev, Business Development Agent for Bucharest-Ilfov area. “Now we have 39 opened restaurants and we cannot wait to reach 40 soon. The growth of our brand in Romania is smart and healthy, and we are convinced to keep it that way in 2018”, say Andrei Trifan, Business Development Agent for area outside Bucharest-Ilfov.

Already ordinary with quality, freshness, good prices and serving speed, Romanians are extremely receptive to Subway® Romania products. For  2018 Subway® Romania has big plans. “We are planning to open 10th new restaurants in Romania this year. We continue to look for new franchisees and locations. Opening of a new restaurant is part of a long and difficult process that includes finding the right franchisee and location and negotiating the best lease conditions”, say Rumen Radev, Business Development Agent for Bucharest-Ilfov area.

In 2018, Subway® Romania will open the first Fresh Forward decor restaurant. Also, following 2017, the brand will continue to introduce new sandwiches and coffee flavors. The brand will focus as every year on great customer services and quality of products. Also, this year, Subway® Romania extends the program of home delivery. ““We have a lot of partners which order catering for employees or guests, so we deliver our special sandwich or cookie Platters and our popular SUB-to-Go lunch boxes. Employers and employees are starting to know us for our quality, freshness and excellent services”, says John Marino, Subway franchisee and President of the Subway Romania National Marketing Board.

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