Ex-SPP Director Dumitru Iliescu: Subordinating the Service has permanently been the target of some persons from MAI leadership

Former Protection and Guard Service (SPP) Director Dumitru Iliescu claims that subordinating the Service “has permanently been the target of some persons holding leadership positions within the Interior Ministry (MAI),” pointing out that investigations handled by Parliament and the Prosecutor’s Office are needed to establish whether information on dignitaries was demanded.

“Although I’m not close to Mr Dragnea, I know him to be a level-headed, balanced man who is difficult to convince without arguments. That’s why, in what concerns the Protection and Guard Service, I don’t suspect him of a decision taken out of considerations other than those publicly presented. I don’t doubt that he is convinced that the information he received, concerning this topic, is true. (…) What I know is that subordinating this structure has permanently been the target of some persons holding leadership positions within the Interior Ministry,” Dumitru Iliescu wrote on his Facebook page.

Dumitru Iliescu claims that, even though Dragnea refused SPP’s protection when he was appointed Speaker of the House, he asked to be given an adjutant he trusted.

“Based on the data I have, Mr Dragnea was informed by a former SPP officer, in the initial stage. (…) In 2015, the period in which Mr Victor Ponta was hospitalised in Turkey, Mr Dragnea paid him a visit. The SPP officer accompanied him, but illegally. He went on leave, he did not request an approval to travel abroad – in line with military regulations – and he did not inform the SPP leadership about this mission. I have no doubt he would have immediately received the approval and all measures required for such an activity would have been taken,” the ex-SPP Director added.

He was then fired on his return to the country, the former Director of the SPP claims.

“After he was put in reserve, Mr Dragnea helped this former SPP officer be named as secretary of state within the Government and member of several boards. Shortly thereafter, after his resignation from the SPP was approved, he was contacted by officers from a different intelligence structure and presented with a collaboration proposition. From that moment on, Mr Dragnea was given information on the illegal actions of the SPP leadership, targeting the dignitaries protected. I don’t know whether the information provided is correct or not, but I know the way in which false information can be presented as being true,” Iliescu wrote.

He claimed it could be manipulation and misinformation.

“However, to convince ourselves whether things are like this or not, it is necessary for Parliament to conduct an investigation in this sense – via its special committees – and to hear the SPP officers and the adjutants, to ask them if the leadership of the SPP asked them for information on dignitaries, other than what was needed to carry out their protection missions. At the same time, considering that the protection offered by the state body empowered to offer it was dropped, it is necessary for the Prosecutor General’s Office to start investigations in order to discover the SPP members whose illegal actions led to the Speakers of the two Chambers of Parliament, the Prime Minister and the members of Government taking this decision, this decision obviously endangering National Security by creating a real state of vulnerability in what concerns the protection of dignitaries, a component part of the actions meant to achieve it,” Dumitru Iliescu claims.

Liviu Dragnea repeatedly accused SPP Director Lucian Pahontu (photo) of political involvement.

Deputy Premier Paul Stanescu also backed Dragnea, stating he was approached by a person who allegedly told him, on behalf of Pahontu, that he could become head of the PSD after Liviu Dragnea is “executed.”


Dragnea: Dumitru Iliescu, an elderly man; those who back Pahontu’s lost cause should be reserved


On Tuesday, PSD President Liviu Dragnea pointed out that former SPP Director Dumitru Iliescu is an elderly man and he does not want to make a mean comment about him, but added that those who are backing Lucian Pahontu’s lost cause should be reserved.

Asked for his comment on former SPP Director Dumitru Iliescu’s statements, according to which Dragnea has been allegedly misinformed about SPP’s activity by former SPP officer Adrian Mladinoiu, Dragnea said: “Mr Dumitru Iliescu is an elderly man and I abstain from making a mean comment.”

“I don’t understand why he gets involved in this, why he defends a lost cause. It’s very strange. He doesn’t know what I talked with Mr Mladinoiu. I haven’t talked with Mladinoiu in a long time, but I believe that if Mladinoiu is called before the committee, before that committee, if [a parliamentary committee of inquiry into the SPP case] is set up, he would be able to tell interesting things, just as other former SPP employees would. My friendly advice for those who are trying to back Mr Pahontu’s lost and desperate cause: they should be more reserved,” Dragnea added.


Ludovic Orban on SPP scandal: A firecracker; Dignitaries have something to hide?


National Liberal Party (PNL) President Ludovic Orban stated on Monday that the accusations that PSD President Liviu Dragnea is levelling against the SPP are “bedtime stories,” adding that Dragnea “threw a firecracker” just like he did last year with “the 10 billion budget shortfall.”

“It’s a firecracker. If you recall, last year there was a firecracker concerning the 10 billion budget shortfall, which he launched, and Viorel Stefan, who was Finance Minister at the time, eventually admitted in a way that there is no such shortfall. We are carefully monitoring so that he won’t make noise with this firecracker in one place and deliver a blow somewhere else. Apart from that, these are bedtime stories, I’ve had enough of this cheap victimisation that unfortunately is copied by others who have given no concrete evidence for their claims, they haven’t given evidence, they have nothing, nothing to back such a claim,” PNL President Ludovic Orban stated for RealitateaTV when asked for his comments on the accusations that Liviu Drangea is levelling against the SPP.

The PNL President asked himself whether the dignitaries have something to hide.

“And I ask myself: Do these people have something to hide? Aren’t dignitaries in the service of the citizens, don’t they have to be transparent, shouldn’t things be known, do they have something to hide, are they afraid?!” Orban said.

Ludovic Orban said that Calin Popescu-Tariceanu used the SPP’s services when he was Premier.

“Tariceanu had SPP [protection] while he was a Premier engaged in a battle with Basescu. (…) He didn’t say a word about SPP’s lack of objectivity,” Orban added.


Photo: Agerpres



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