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February 25, 2021

Liviu Dragnea: Published in the Official Journal, prevention law will give companies more freedom

House Speaker and PSD President Liviu Dragnea pointed out on Tuesday that the Prevention Law adopted by the Government has been published in the Official Journal, opining that this legislative act will give companies greater freedom.

“From this moment on, the inspectors of state institutions with audit prerogatives will no longer be able to automatically issue fines for a series of approximately 400 contraventions from 71 legislative acts under the dome of the Prevention Law, and will have to implement a compliance plan with a maximum duration of 90 days, period in which taxpayers will be able to set things right, as stipulated by law,” Dragnea wrote on Facebook.

He pointed out that irregularities discovered and fixed during the audit will not be included in the compliance plan.

“I’m convinced that this legislative act, which we promised during the elections campaign, will give companies greater freedom and will consequently lead to the development of the business sector,” Dragnea added.

After law no.270/2017 – the Prevention Law – was published in the Official Journal, the Government presented, on January 25, the list of contraventions for which the new law is applicable. The law was published in the Official Journal on Monday, February 5, ten days after it was presented.

Although the list of contraventions was included on the Government’s website on January 25, in the decision establishing the contraventions that fall under the incidence of law no.270/2017 and in the model of the compliance plan, the provisions became visible only today, with the publishing of the law in the Official Journal.

The main change brought by the prevention law is that companies can be “forgiven” by authorities when making the first mistake, for a series of contraventions that are included in the list published today in the Official Journal. Companies will benefit from this “forgiveness” once every three years and will have a pre-set period in which they can set things right and avoid sanctions.

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