PNL, USR and PMP are requesting an inquiry committee on the vote against the Grindeanu Government

Parliament will meet on Wednesday at 12.00 in a joint plenary session; the agenda of the meeting also includes the proposal to set up an inquiry committee on the voting of June 21, 2017 in the Parliament – the censure motion against the Grindeanu Government.

“Tomorrow (on Wednesday – e.n.) starting at 12.00, we have a joint plenary session. The agenda includes the letter signed by the leaders of the PNL, USR and PMP groups on setting up an inquiry committee on the voting of June 21, 2017, and requests of the PSD groups related to changes in joint delegations and committees” stated on Tuesday the (PSD) Secretary of the Deputies’ Chamber Georgian Pop at the end of the joint sitting of the Parliament’s Standing Bureaus.

The PNL, USR and PMP groups requested the establishment of a special parliamentary inquiry committee to check the issues related to how the voting of June 21, 2017 regarding the censure motion against the Grindeanu Government was conducted.

The inquiry committee should “determine the manner by which there was a number of 251 votes, although the number of deputies and senators who voted was 249, according to the video recording of the session of June 21, 2017”, according to the request submitted to the Joint Standing Bureaus.

The objectives of the committee, among others, consist of identifying those persons who inserted more than one set of balls in the ballot boxes, and preparing a draft amending the regulation of the joint activities of the Deputies’ Chamber and the Senate in order to avoid similar situations in the future, according to the quoted source.

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