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December 9, 2022

Athletes from all over the world will meet again in Mamaia, at the Sand Marathon 2018

At the end of March, Mamaia resort will become again, for one day, the European capital of the mass sports. Thus, the 5th edition of the Sand Marathon (Maratonul Nisipului), the largest European endurance competition, will be held on March 25, 2018.

The international sports event is organized by the Sports Association “SanaSport” and Radio Constanta, in partnership with the Constanta County Directorate for Sports and Youth, Constanta Municipality and the Dobrogea Litoral Water Basin Administration. The Sand Marathon is dedicated both to the amateur runners and to the performance athletes and consists of four competitive races (marathon, semi-marathon, the 10-km race and the 5-km race) and the Family Run race (approx. 1 km) – which aims to bring parents and especially their children closer to sports, and to urge them fight for the reconstruction and modernization of the Newborn Intensive Care Unit and of the Prematurely Born Babies Department of the Constanta Emergency Clinical Hospital, through the project initiated by the Association “Daruieste Aripi”.

“In 2018, we’re not talking about running anymore, we’re talking about family and personal development; we’re talking about a healthier lifestyle, about love, about communion, about giving, about helping, about the joy to run together with hundreds of people. In all the previous editions, we succeeded to build, first of all, the desire to enjoy unique moments in life. We succeeded to build friendships, to build a strong community of the sports lovers, which is more and more actively involved into the community’s problems. Moreover, with the help of an event that initially was “a running of friends”, we succeeded to create an international sports event through which we actually can promote Mamaia resort as a tourist attraction. Dozens of foreign athletes and hundreds of countrymen from all over the country have come to the Romanian seaside because they were attracted by the enthusiasm on people’s faces from the photos that were shared on the social networks. People are attracted by joy, by enthusiasm, and we, Romanians, have succeeded to transmit these feelings good and hard” stated the President of the “SanaSport” Association Daniel Antonaru, who is also the co-organizer of the international event “Sand Marathon”.


Sand Marathon 2017 in numbers


Last year, the international sports event Sand Marathon has beaten all the records of participation. On the beach between Mamaia and Navodari, no less than 1,600 amateur and professional athletes from 10 countries ran, over 160 volunteers were mobilized to help to the smooth running of the competition, and more than 10,000 people watched the live competition on the internet. At the same time, RON 12,500 were donated, the amount being allocated to the reconstruction and modernization of the Newborn Department.

To enroll in the Sand Marathon 2018, you can apply at www.maratonulnisipului.ro.

The “SanaSport” Sports Association is an NGO established in 2013 whose major objectives are to promote the importance of sports for the society and to help to improve the physical condition and the health of the residents of Constanta. SanaSport organizes each Sunday, starting at 9,00, endurance races on sand, the meeting point being the Aqua Magic parking lot in Mamaia. Until today, over 500 sports lovers answered to the invitation of the SanaSport members and resonated with the Association’s motto: “Stop finding excuses, just run!”. For the social-sports projects, the “SanaSport Association was nominated at the Gala “Zece Oameni de Valoare pentru Constanta” (“Ten Valuable People for Constanta” – e.n.), Sports Section, the 2016 and 2017 editions.

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