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March 24, 2023

HealthMin: 16 persons died because of influenza virus

The Minister of Health, Sorina Pintea, on Thursday stated that although there is no flu pandemic in Romania right now 16 people died because of the flu virus.

“We cannot say that we are facing an influenza pandemic right now in Romania, but we have an influenza virus that is running around more these days. There are 16 persons who died because of the flu virus,” Pintea told a press conference.

She added that there are local outbreaks of influenza virus in Iasi and Bucharest.

“At this moment, we have eight registered cases at Marius Nasta Institute,” said the Minister of Health.

Pintea showed that this influenza virus will most likely be here until April, which is why safety measures need to be taken.

“At the moment we have 135,884 vaccines at the family doctors, and more than 800,000 people were vaccinated (…) Specialists say we can still use this method, but the protective measures are the most important. Quarantine is also needed in some hospitals, according to the Health Directorates, and limiting visitors’ access is very important. Which is why each public health department will take the measures that were already communicated to them,” said the Minister of Health.

She further claimed that if vaccines are not found in pharmacies, it means that they were not ordered.

Sorina Pintea pointed out that 542 cases of respiratory infections were recorded, 300 of which were confirmed by the laboratory.

“Not all cases of respiratory infections are cases of influenza,” the Minister of Health said.

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