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November 30, 2022

Manager of Bucharest Airports National Company tenders resignation

The manager of the Bucharest Airports National Company (CNAB) Bogdan Mindrescu resigned on Thursday, according to sources from the Ministry of Transport.

“The head of the Bucharest Airports National Company has tendered his resignation,” said the sources, without mentioning any reason.

On February 1 2018, the control body of the Ministry of Transport was sent to the Bucharest Airports National Company to check on the manner in which the Otopeni Airport remained without a contract for cleaning services.

CNAB hired 91 janitors for a fixed period, after the contract with the cleaning services provider ended on Wednesday, January 31.

According to data provided by the CNAB upon AGERPRES’ request, the Airports Company organized a tender on January 29 2018 to hire a company for cleaning services for the Henri Coanda Airport. The technical committee analyzed the bids of the specialized companies, with the winning company being required to meet its contractual obligations by providing “high quality standards”, to the advantage of the passengers.

“Considering that the cleaning and sanitation services in the airport were criticized by the passengers in more than one occasion, with this becoming one of the weak points of the Henri Coanda Airport, the management of the Bucharest Airports Company decided that the contracts should be governed by efficiency rules and that a series of strict criteria should be set in place to verify the cleaning activities that the winning company was required to meet,” said the representatives of CNAB.

In order to be sure to spend efficiently and observe the quality standards offered to passengers, starting on Thursday, February 1, until the entry into force of a new agreement, a part of the employees of the CNAB will voluntary get involved, for a short while, in a contingency project in the cleaning services area, which used to be outsourced.

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