Iranian Ambassador to Romania, H.E. Hamid Moayyer: “Iran and Romania have numerous common points on many issues regarding the regional cooperation and the fight against extremism and terrorism”

We celebrate the 39th Anniversary of the Islamic Revolution and the National Day of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Islamic Revolution under the guidance of Imam Khomeini aimed at countering domestic despotism and foreign dominance, and based on the people’s will and vote, it has continued until today under the leadership of Ayatollah Khamenei.

Acquiring real political independence and establishing democracy represent two of the most important achievements of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Simultaneously, unparalleled progress and scientific growth have been achieved in various fields such as medicine, nanotechnology, industry, enhancing economic growth, strengthening the private sector, and supporting foreign investors. At present time and based upon the global economic indices, Iran is the 18th most effective economy in the world.

In this context, the valuable achievements of the Islamic Republic of Iran include free elections and circulation of power based upon people’s votes. After the revolution, Iran has held nearly 40 free national elections with the broad participation of eligible voters. During the latest electoral experience, by reelecting President Rouhani, the Iranian people reaffirmed the broad-based interaction with the whole world.

The signing of the Nuclear Agreement is the most prominent example confirming Iran’s interactive policy with the international system. This can even serve as a model for resolving other international crises. The Islamic Republic of Iran endeavors to deepen its international relations and resolve complicated regional and international issues through collective participation.

One problem of our region is the scourge of terrorism. In the meanwhile (ISIS) has been defeated, but “terrorism” in the form of radical groups still continues to scourge the international community. Iran played a pivotal role by assisting the governments of Iraq and Syria to defeat the Takfirist terrorists and is still committed to fighting terrorism.

Accordingly, Iran believes that overcoming terrorism requires comprehensive collaboration of the international community. We believe that the crises in the region must be settled by the states in this region, and that the interference of trans-regional powers without the request of the crisis-affected countries only increases the complexity of the equations and hence renders the resolution process more difficult.

As an effective member of the Islamic World, Iran has invariably pursued the devastating injustice against the Palestinian people as a fundamental concern, and has regarded the restoration of the rights of the nation of Palestine as a central component in the path towards sustainable security in the region. We believe the continued occupation of Palestine is the most serious problem which besets the region and the world, being the direct or indirect cause of all regional issues. The recognition of Bait al-Muqaddas (Jerusalem) as the capital of Israel by the US administration is, in effect, contrary to the global and Muslim consensus.

Here, I emphasize that Iran and Romania have numerous common points on many issues regarding the regional cooperation, and the fight against extremism and terrorism. Given the political will of both countries there have been notable developments in bilateral economic relations in recent years. I wish success for the government and people of Romania, and a peaceful coexistence for the human society.

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