Speaker Dragnea: I do not think we can avoid establishing SPP inquiry committee

Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies Liviu Dragnea said on Friday that he did not believe a parliamentary committee to inquire into the activity of the Special Guard and Protection Service (SPP) could be avoided.

“I do not think we can avoid a parliamentary inquiry committee (…) I have seen Mr Vela getting all hyped to call for a hearing to cover [SPP head] Mr Pahontu. I believe that a parliamentary inquiry committee should be made [to investigate the SPP activity],” Dragnea said at Parliament Palace.

He said he would come before the Senate Defence Committee to testify about this matter.

“We cannot avoid that because increasingly more things are starting to appear. It seems that there are more serious things there than we have suspected,” added Dragnea in connection with the establishment of an investigation commission to inquire into the SPP activity.

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