JusMin Toader on EP debates: I pointed out Justice package, Criminal Codes not connected whatsoever

Justice Minister Tudorel Toader said on Friday that during talks this week at the European Parliament he sought to show that there is no connection between the Justice package on the one hand and the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code on the other hand.

“There have been no less than nine meetings. My effort – which I hope has also been successful – was aimed at highlighting the fact that there is no connection whatsoever between the Justice package and the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code, or other laws. At a certain moment I was sure they are aware of that but that they don’t want to make the distinction because the debate wouldn’t have had any point anymore. They were speaking about the Justice laws but the discussion would veer towards corruption. (…) Each time I pointed out the need for arguments, not general statements alleging the violation of the independence and rule of law. I have all the time requested arguments, the precise indication which specific article violates or threatens democracy in Romania,” Toader told a televised show on Friday at the Antena 3 private broadcaster.

He said he is sure that it is out of question for a MEP to be unable to make the said distinction between the Justice laws and the Criminal Codes.

“I think everybody understands that the system’s functioning is different from the rules on incrimination. These were politically-driven talks under the pretense of legal debates. This also explains the very low interest for participation, even on the part of the debate’s initiators. Had they felt that they are right, that they can prompt a debate of substance on the merits, they would have come to the debate. Those who spoke against Romania have gone over the top. I’d rather not mention their names. (…) In each group I had talks with they understood that there is no connection between Poland’s current judicial situation and Romania’s case,” Tudorel Toader explained.

He also denied allegations about the Venice Commission attempting to amend the Justice laws.

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