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April 15, 2021

CSM requests Judicial Inspection to conduct checks on allegations of former MP Cosma and prosecutor Iorga

Head of the Superior Council of Magistracy, Simona Marcu will request the Judicial Inspection to conduct checks regarding the statements of prosecutor Mihaiela Moraru Iorga and former MP Vlad Cosma.

“Following information released in the public sphere on 11 February, through private TV broadcasters Antena 3, on ‘Sinteza zilei’ show and Romania TV, on ‘Editia de seara’ Judge Simona Camelia Marcu, head of the Superior Council of Magistracy will request the Judicial Inspection to perform verifications by virtue of the provisions of Law no. 317/2004 regarding the Superior Council of Magistracy,” a press release of CSM sent to AGERPRES on Monday specifies.

On Sunday evening, in a TV show at Antena 3, National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) prosecutor Mihaiela Moraru Iorga claimed that the head of the DNA called her in and asked her whether she can expedite the case of a former minister whose name was circulated for the position of premier.

“Romania’s Government premier had to be appointed at some point. The name of a certain minister was circulated. I had a case in the works with this former minister. I am not giving away any names because I do not want anyone to say I ruined any investigation. I was called in and asked if we could come out as soon as possible with that case. The explanation was of the type that if this mister becomes premier, Ms. Dana Girbovan will become Justice Minister which would mean a disaster for us,” Mihaiela Moraru Iorga told.

Chief-Prosecutor of the National Anti-corruption Directorate Laura Codruta Kovesi specified on Monday for AGERPRES that there was no discussion with any DNA prosecutor or with Mihaiela Moraru Iorga about a case regarding a minister who might have become premier.

“There was no discussion with any DNA prosecutor or with defendant Mihaiela Moraru Iorga about a case regarding some minister who might have become premier. I have never pressured nor have I interfered in the activity of any prosecutor. I do not comment on the unreal allegations of defendants,” Kovesi specified in a reply for AGERPRES.

Still on Sunday evening, Antena 3 presented several audio recordings allegedly presenting discussions between Chief-Prosecutor of DNA – Ploiesti Territorial Service Lucian Onea with former MP Vlad Cosma, prosecuted in a corruption case.

In this context, DNA specifies in a press release sent on Monday that the purpose of the recordings is to compromise prosecutors and police officers who prosecuted the cases in which Mircea Cosma, Vlad Cosma and Sebastian Ghita are indicted.

“Vlad Cosma, indicted for the offense of influence peddling in a case before the High Court of Cassation and Justice with a deadline on 19 February 2018, prosecuted by the National Anti-corruption Directorate – Ploiesti Territorial Service, distorted the situation in a criminal case under prosecution, by using collages of recordings he made himself. What is relevant is that prior to the release of the recordings, people in his entourage repeatedly went to the head of the Ploiesti Territorial Service and in his absence to other prosecutors/judicial police officers – the last time on 9 February 2018 – requesting that prosecutors carry out demarches so as to create a favourable judicial situation for him and his father – the defendant Cosma Mircea (investigated for bribery and abuse of office in the same case with the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ), with a deadline on 19 February 2018, in which his son is also indicted),” the DNA press release informs.

DNA maintains that prosecutors were requested not to conduct a criminal investigation regarding alleged crimes related to the case already on trial, as well as to draw up and issue a report that Mircea Cosma can use for improving the legal situation in the case with ICCJ, the standing phase of the appeal. “The respective people drew the attention of prosecutors that, if that is not the case they will release video recordings from their investigations, consisting in editing, collages especially put together to compromise prosecutors and police officers who conducted several criminal cases, including the one involving the above-mentioned defendants,” DNA further informs.


Social Democrat head Dragnea: Increasingly more evidence emerges about deep state’s existence


Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies and head of the ruling Social Democratic Party (PSD) Liviu Dragnea said on Monday that after the disclosures aired on the previous evening about the activity of the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) and the Ploiesti territorial Service of the said agency, “increasingly more evidence emerges about the existence of the deep state,” and that if this information is proven true, these are “elements of political policing”.

“I think what is most important is that the Judicial Inspection has taken action ex-officio, but I think this is not enough, and that an inquest must be promptly initiated to determine whether the disclosures made last evening are true – and they seem to be – and immediate measures must be taken for such practices to never happen again in Romania. If what was publicly aired last night, if previous information broadcast in the past years proves to be true, there are clear elements of political policing in Romania and (…) I don’t think this is only about disciplinary offences. If what emerged last night in Mrs. prosecutor Iorga’s interview and the disclosures, recordings, after-statements are true, these are extremely serious criminal elements,” Dragnea said at the PSD headquarters.

He mentioned that he doesn’t know magistrate Mihaiela Iorga Moraru, but that he gives her certain credit.

“She spoke of threats from a certain lady from the Judicial Inspection who told her: don’t stand up to the system. We have also adopted a resolution about the deep state. Increasingly more evidence emerges to support our and media accounts about this system, this deep state, this mafia that attempts – sometimes successfully – to illegally take hold of power in Romania,” said the Social Democrat leader.

Speaking about the alleged request by DNA Chief Prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi for proceedings in a criminal case to be sped up or that a case be opened against a certain politician, Dragnea said this is “an illegal and extremely serious interference.”

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