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October 22, 2021

Liviu Plesoianu, open letter to Justice Minister: “You lost the chance to be a hero”. Minister, you had dozens of reasons for dozens of requests to have the DNA Chief dismissed

On Sunday, Social Democratic Party (PSD) House lawmaker Liviu Plesoianu sent a message to Justice Minister Tudorel Toader, through an open letter published on his Facebook page. In it, Plesoianu is telling the Justice Minister that he missed the chance to be a hero.

“Minister Toader, last year, in March, when you considered it is not ‘timely’ to demand the dismissal of the distinguished living-room-ist [sic], you lost the chance to be a hero.

“For more than 13 years, it has been decided in the LIVING ROOM called “LITTLE ROMANIA” (word used by famous prosecutor PORTOCALA from the “DNA Ploiesti elite unit”) who is allowed to become President, who is allowed to be a politician, who is allowed to be a businessman. In general, everything is decided in the “LITTLE ROMANIA” living room, regardless of majorities, ballots, the people’s overwhelming will. That this is being done with outside support – it’s obvious… One must have landed on Earth for less than two minutes not to understand exactly how the mechanism of control in Romania and over Romania is working…

“However, this was first of all possible because of the institutional impotence and even complicity of those who had and have, at least theoretically, power at the tip of their ballpoint pen!

“KOVESI had to gravely break the Romanian Constitution for you, the Justice Minister, to demand her dismissal? No, she had already committed enough for 138 dismissals. Still, while at the helm of the ministry of so-called Justice, did you demand the dismissal of the female Pope from the living room AT LEAST after the CCR decision? No, how could you have done such a thing?! Blasphemy!

“Was there the need for information to appear on the divine creature’s presence in generalissimo Oprea’s living room for the Justice Minister to realise that the translucent wings of the most-pure deity are fully dipped in the swamp of political schemes? No, millions of Romanians already knew this, for well over 10 years. Did you consider it necessary to summon the celestial apparition for talks in order to find out what exactly was she doing in Oprea’s living room? No, how could you have done that! Sacrilege! May the Holy Inquisition “come take us away” for merely thinking this!

“Should the PROVIDENTIAL one have resigned the second it was discovered where she spent the night of the 2009 elections? Obviously yes. Will she ever? Obviously not. Had she been capable of such minimum morality, she wouldn’t have transported her seraphic being to the last supper in the ‘LITTLE ROMANIA’ living room.

“Should you have demanded the immediate dismissal of the IMMACULATE being the moment she decided to calmly place in the restroom the official paperwork asking for her presence before the parliamentary committee of inquiry? Of course, you should have.

“Minister, you had dozens of reasons for dozens of dismissal requests! Well, for all the hesitations, postponements, and extra time you keep asking for beyond any rule of the democratic and institutional game, I inform you that I will NOT consider you a HERO if, in the end of the end of an end you will nevertheless communicate the decision to demand the DISMISSAL of her Deity. However, you will have my appreciation for the simple fact that no other Justice Minister had the honesty, responsibility, and firmness of demanding the DISMISSAL of the intergalactic one… The ball is in your court, Mr Toader. I did absolutely everything in my power to expose the HYPOCRISY and IMPOSTURE of this character,” Plesoianu points out in his letter to the Justice Minister.

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