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March 30, 2023

Former PSD MP Vlad Cosma claims that DNA Ploiesti leadership asked him to invent evidence for a case related to Sebastian Ghita and Victor Ponta. DNA rejects the accusation and reveals the transcript of some recordings containing attempts to compromise prosecutors.Head of DNA Ploiesti: I never falsified evidence. It’s Vlad Cosma’s spin, he hopes to get away. Just today I asked the JI to carry out verifications, we won’t give in to pressures

Vlad Cosma (photo), a former MP whose father (the former President of the Prahova County Council, Mircea Cosma) was detained by DNA and he and his sister Andreea Cosma, who currently is a PSD MP, had criminal files made at DNA Ploiesti by prosecutor Mircea Negulescu, made incendiary revelations on Sunday evening at Antena 3, presenting several recordings according to which DNA Ploiesti leadership asked him to invent evidence for a case related to Sebastian Ghita and Victor Ponta.

In the 35-minute recording, MP Vlad Cosma reveals that in 2015, he was blackmailed inside the premises of the DNA Ploiesti, being threatened that he and his family (his father and sister) will be arrested, in order to invent a denouncement and evidence and to send them at DNA by fax and mail. In this respect, MP Vlad Cosma proves with recordings he made personally with a watch, with photos and evidence of sending the fax and other documents, that he was forced by the DNA prosecutors Mircea Negulescu also called “Zdreanta” and his boss Lucian Onea, the head of DNA Ploiesti, to send an anonymous letter from the Republic of Moldova, accompanied by forged documents to be used in a criminal file in which prosecutors tried to arrest the former PM Victor Ponta and MP Sebastian Ghita (who became Laura Kovesi’s enemies after they have decisively helped to her appointment as the head of DNA, after completing her two terms as the General Prosecutor of Romania).

The most serious thing is that the former MP Vlad Cosma reveals, in his 35-minutes presentation, outrageous audio recordings of the talks he had with prosecutors Mircea Negulescu and Lucian Onea. First of them, Mircea Negulescu, clearly speaks about a plan to forge evidence, saying several times that he wants to “destroy” MP Sebastian Ghita, that he wants to take all his money, clearly speaking that he has the approval of his direct boss Lucian Onea, and especially of the DNA head Laura Kovesi.


DNA: The purpose of the recordings is to compromise prosecutors and police officers who prosecuted the cases in which Mircea Cosma, Vlad Cosma and Sebastian Ghita are indicted


In this context, DNA specifies in a press release sent on Monday that the purpose of the recordings is to compromise prosecutors and police officers who prosecuted the cases in which Mircea Cosma, Vlad Cosma and Sebastian Ghita are indicted.

“Vlad Cosma, indicted for the offense of influence peddling in a case before the High Court of Cassation and Justice with a deadline on 19 February 2018, prosecuted by the National Anti-corruption Directorate – Ploiesti Territorial Service, distorted the situation in a criminal case under prosecution, by using collages of recordings he made himself. What is relevant is that prior to the release of the recordings, people in his entourage repeatedly went to the head of the Ploiesti Territorial Service and in his absence to other prosecutors/judicial police officers – the last time on 9 February 2018 – requesting that prosecutors carry out demarches so as to create a favourable judicial situation for him and his father – the defendant Cosma Mircea (investigated for bribery and abuse of office in the same case with the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ), with a deadline on 19 February 2018, in which his son is also indicted),” the DNA press release informs.

DNA maintains that prosecutors were requested not to conduct a criminal investigation regarding alleged crimes related to the case already on trial, as well as to draw up and issue a report that Mircea Cosma can use for improving the legal situation in the case with ICCJ, the standing phase of the appeal. “The respective people drew the attention of prosecutors that, if that is not the case they will release video recordings from their investigations, consisting in editing, collages especially put together to compromise prosecutors and police officers who conducted several criminal cases, including the one involving the above-mentioned defendants,” DNA further informs.


Sebastian Ghita: “Even Securitate wouldn’t have done this!”


Former MP Sebastian Ghita, who currently is in Belgrade, subject to an extradition procedure, made new revelations on Sunday evening, after the release of information according to which evidence was forged in his cases. “I will make a criminal complaint, but first I want the General Prosecutor’s Office to arrest them, to seal and check the evidence, not to let them gain time to change them” Ghita said for Romania TV.

In a phone intervention, Sebastian Ghita commented on the evidence presented by the former MP Vlad Cosma and made new revelations about the arrangements made at DNA Ploiesti.

“What this bastards did is a murder! I didn’t know that Kovesi knew about it, that she was happy, that she was eager. This Portocala was going often to Bucharest and he was coming back with all the kind of stories. I found out at the beginning about this man’s arrangements. (…) Anyway, I will make a criminal complaint, I will talk to my lawyers. They are trying all the time to influence witnesses, they are stealing papers, they are damaging the computers. Lucky us that we have all the papers. They were inventing damages, identities, facts, they were forging IT searches” Sebastian Ghita stated.

Sebastian Ghita reminded that Mircea Negulescu mentined Laura Codruta Kovesi’s name: “He clearly pronounced her name, and if the prosecutors from the General Prosecutor’s Office will enter that DNA, in Bucharest, because they don’t have any reason to be afraid anymore… They don’t have any reason not to proceed because they would be afraid of Kovesi”.

“I agree with the fight against corruption, but not with these fakes. People started to fight on streets, and they are doing what they are doing. I am waiting to see all these revelations, I will collect evidence and I will go… They will compensate me, but all these years in which I was… To the surprise of many people, many judges from the High Court find the strength to dismantle these aberrations” Sebastian Ghita added.


“Kovesi rules the mechanism, she was at my home. Then she came there, to the vineyard. Waiters and fiddlers saw her”


Ghita also stated that Laura Codruta Kovesi was at his home, in Ploiesti, at a private event. He also launched a tough attack against the DNA head, saying that she became “a bastard, a murderer”.

“I didn’t have reasons to be afraid. Until 2014, we had a normal relationship, Kovesi seemed to be mentally healthy. I thought it was a friendship between us. She became a bastard, a murderer. I am disappointed of how naïve and fool I was.

She came at my home. Kovesi was at my home, in Ploiesti. Then she came there, to the vineyard. Waiters and fiddlers saw her. Only those who don’t want to see don’t see.

I am indignant that a person with such a high dignity and position can destroy an institution. I don’t remember… it was somebody’s name day, a private event. Other people were there too, I don’t involve them in this masquerade” Sebastian Ghita stated.

“There will be others too, I’ll make a brainstorming to convince you about my relationship with Kovesi. The more serious thing is that people in Romania have to prove their innocence, when the evidence is forged. Kovesi rules this mechanism and now we have the proof. She was ruling a mechanism of forging evidence. Klaus Iohannis and Hellvig are the ones who revoked Florian Coldea, not me. The Justice Ministry has a control body, they can order a control at DNA Ploiesti tomorrow” Ghita said, speaking also about Vlad Cosma’s revelations and recordings.

“That writing was mine, the tables are fake. They weren’t for Ponta’s electoral campaign. The writing is mine, the law doesn’t allow me to say more” Ghita also said.


 “I wasn’t at Gabriel Oprea on the night of the elections of 2009”


After he revealed the close friendship between him and Laura Codruta Kovesi, Sebastian Ghita breaks the silence and confesses, in an interview for Antena 3, that he was invited at the controversial party organized by Gabriel Oprea in the night of the presidential elections of 2009. The former social democrat MP says that he couldn’t participate because he was present at a private event.

“Probably I would have been there, but I was at a private event” Sebastian Ghita stated, adding that he was invited by Gabriel Oprea himself at that event.

Asked about what they planned by that meeting and if the participants were supporting Traian Basescu for a new mandate at Cotroceni, Ghita stated: “I think some of them were thinking in one way, the others in another way, people don’t say what they’re thinking all the time”.

Ghita continued the series of revelations and he spoked about the presidential elections of 2014.

“All this group was hoping, they were afraid that Victor Ponta will become president. When Ponta lost, all this group decided to offer the Government to President Iohannis, and they attacked me and Ponta. (…) Even today, people in those positions have a huge power” Ghita added.


Head of DNA Ploiesti: I never falsified evidence. It’s Vlad Cosma’s spin, he hopes to get away. Just today I asked the JI to carry out verifications, we won’t give in to pressures


The National Anticorruption Directorate’s (DNA) Ploiesti branch never falsified evidence and always observed the law, DNA Ploiesti Head Lucian Onea stated during a press conference on Monday. He said the prosecutors of the branch he leads were warned by members of Vlad Cosma’s entourage that an attack was going to take place, but they will not give in to pressures even if the pressures are increasingly aggressive. The head of DNA Ploiesti pointed out he has asked the Judicial Inspection (JI) to carry out verifications, the prosecutors’ reputation being at stake.

“Concerning the statements that defendant Vlad Cosma made yesterday and the talks that have appeared in the mass media (…) In all cases we are handling within DNA Ploiesti we always observed the law and we continue to do so. There were never illegal investigation methods, nor illicit or disloyal agreements with the defendants. (…) Evidence was never falsified in the dossiers. These are claims that the defendants are making in the dossiers in which they are investigated,” Onea said.

The head of DNA Ploiesti added that the branch never had a special situation in which it was noted that the evidence was illegally administered.

He pointed out that DNA Ploiesti was subjected to several CSM and Judicial Inspection audits whose conclusions were each time that the branch observed the law.

“We never falsified any evidence. There are situations in which, in conditions stipulated by law, protecting the identity of certain persons and their overtures in support of uncovering the truth is called for. From time to time, the prosecutor verifies whether these grounds remain valid or not, and he can order the lifting of the measures. (…) At DNA Ploiesti there is no special situation in which the evidence was noted to be illegally or disloyally administered,” Lucian Onea added.

Prosecutor Lucian Onea added that “everything presented on TV is the personal spin of Vlad Cosma, who hopes to get away scot free by the time of the next court hearing.”

“It’s a situation that has lasted for approximately two months. There is a dossier registered in November 2017. We were warned by persons from the entourage of the Cosma family that an attack will ensue in the media. (…) We didn’t give in to pressures and we will never do. Our colleague Negulescu was named, against the backdrop in which he did not work on the dossier concerned, and the talks he took part in, if authentic, are not from the time in which he was working at DNA Ploiesti. At this moment I can tell you that the handwriting and the tables were included in the dossier by defendant Vlad Cosma. Everything presented on TV is the personal spin of defendant Vlad Cosma, who hopes to somehow influence the judicial bodies by the time of the February 19 court hearing,” prosecutor Onea stated.

“Regardless of the methods used – intimidations, blackmail –, my colleagues and I won’t give in to pressures, even if these pressures are increasingly aggressive and want to compromise and demobilise us,” the prosecutor added.

Onea also claimed that prosecutors never exerted pressure “of any nature” on Vlad Cosma or Andreea Cosma, that the two were not asked to file denunciations, that he never met any of the Cosma brothers outside the DNA headquarters and that he never talked with them via WhatsApp.

The head of DNA Ploiesti pointed out he immediately asked the Judicial Inspection to carry out verifications because “the prosecutors’ reputation is at stake.”

He admitted that the voice heard in the voice recordings presented by Vlad Cosma might be his, but said the recordings are edited: “It might be. The recordings are edited. I don’t know what to say at this moment, verifications will be carried out and we will see whether there are problems or not. (…) Just today I asked that verifications be carried out by the JI because our professional reputation is at stake. At DNA Ploiesti the prosecutors are independent, and they act in line with the law. Nobody, not Ms Kovesi nor anyone else, intervenes in their activity and the prosecutors do not and are not obligated to inform anyone about what they are doing in the dossiers.”

The head of DNA Ploiesti added he never met Vlad Cosma outside the DNA headquarters.

In this context, when asked whether the voice recordings might have been made at the DNA Ploiesti headquarters, the head of the DNA’s territorial branch pointed out that those entering the prosecutors’ offices undergo a body search.

Likewise, asked whether he suspects an agreement reached by Dan Voiculescu and Sebastian Ghita to compromise him, Onea said: “I don’t suspect anything.”

Asked whether he was summoned at the Prosecutor General’s Office to offer explanations, Lucian Onea said he has not been subpoenaed but would show up if subpoenaed.

Likewise, he pointed out he talks almost on a daily basis with DNA Chief Prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi, but that nobody intervenes in the activity of DNA Ploiesti or of the prosecutors.

Asked whether he felt his family threatened since he took over the leadership of DNA Ploiesti, prosecutor Lucian Onea said: “Never before like now, but we’re not discussing this.”

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