PNL files simple motions against LabMin and EduMin. LabMin Vasilescu on motion against her: I will have a tribune where to say what I have done

The National Liberal Party (PNL) announced on Monday that it will file simple motions against the Labour Minister Lia Olguta Vasilescu and the Education Minister Valentin Popa; the liberals accuse “the chaos” in the pay system and educational system.

PNL MP Mara Calista announced on Monday that liberals will file a simple motion against Labour Minister Lia Olguta Vasilescu, called “Lia Olguta Vasilescu – the Minister of Lies and Social Injustice”; the motion refers to GEOs that “only caused a bigger chaos in the pay system”.

Maria Calista said that after February 15, PNL will present the payrolls of those who have lower salaries.

“Of course we collected these evidence. The reason for which PNL hasn’t revealed these documents to the public until now is that there will be more salaries to be paid until February 15. We decided that when we will present those payrolls, they have to include all the social and professional categories existing in Romania. We had a meeting with the Forensic Institute today, too, and they showed us a number of payrolls with salary cuts. They continue to come, we are receiving such documents even now” she added.

The Liberal MP presented the main themes of the motion.

“The main themes we are focusing on are those pieces of legislation (…) that have only created greater chaos in the pay system as well as in the fiscal one: Law 153, the uniform public pay law, which no longer was uniform but it became the law of negative wages; Ordinance 4 – concerning over-taxation of part-time employment contracts; Ordinance 79 on the transfer of contributions from employers to employees; Ordinance 82 – which reduces by up to 30 percent the pension point awarded to pensioners starting with 2018 and a decrease in the percentage of contributions to pillar 2 pensions from 5.1 to 3.75 percent; Ordinance 60 on protected units and the increasingly higher fines to be slapped on Romania’s private sector employers failing to hire people with disabilities to the tune of at least 4 percent of the total staff; and last but not least, Ordinance no. 3/2018 issued last week that received a negative opinion from the justice minister of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), mind you, because it indeed creates negative discrimination while violating a constitutional principle regarding wages and taxation in Romania,” the PNL MP explained.

In his turn, PNL Senator Marilen Pirtea announced that liberals will file a simple motion against the Education Minister Valentin Popa, accusing the PSD-ALDE coalition of “doing nothing else than sewing and amputating the educational system”.

“We decided that next week we’ll submit a simple motion against the Education Minister to the Deputies’ Chamber. Although we are witnessing a constant chaos in the educational system, and the way in which the PSD-ALDE government is sewing and amputating the educational system, we have a responsibility for the future of this country. If a nation is educated today, tomorrow it will be able to innovate, and innovation automatically brings progress, and progress brings prosperity. In the circumstances in which educational units are dismantled without a sustainable plan, without an impact study, without a feasibility study, we are witnessing a lack of strategy, a lack of vision, we are witnessing only superficial ad-hoc measures, taken due to financial reasons” Marilen Pirtea stated.

Senator also pointed out that holding the Baccalaureate in the middle of the school year is illegal according to the Law no.1/2011, which provides that “the Baccalaureate exam is addressed to the high school graduates”.


LabMin Vasilescu on motion against her: I will have a tribune where to say what I have done


Labour Minister Olguta Vasilescu says that the unqualified motion tabled against her by the National Liberal Party (PNL) will provide her an opportunity to say what he has done since taking over the ministerial office.

“I have not seen the text of the unqualified motion, only the statements made by a lady senator MP; I do not know exactly what that is. I have seen that there is still confusion between the Ministry of Labour and the Ministry of Finance, which it is to be expected from them. I am glad I will have a tribune where to say what I did, first of all last year,” Vasilescu told Parliament on Monday.



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