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April 15, 2021

“70 years in a Centennial, Romania-Israel, Bucharest-Tel Aviv-Jerusalem” Conference staged by “Eudoxiu Hurmuzachi” Institute for the Romanians Abroad. Ambassador Samash: Romania, one of friendliest countries towards Israel. This is one of the countries where I feel the best

Romania “is one of the friendliest countries” towards Israel and also one of the places where she feels the best, Israel’s Ambassador in Bucharest Tamar Samash Tuesday told the “70 years in a Centennial, Romania-Israel, Bucharest-Tel Aviv-Jerusalem” conference staged by “Eudoxiu Hurmuzachi” Institute for the Romanians Abroad.

“One of the reasons for these great relations is the resemblance between our people. There is a large community to have arrived from Romania to Israel in time and they are an integral part of the State of Israel’s everyday life,” Ambassador Samash said.

“This is one of the countries where I feel the best,” the diplomat confessed, adding that Romania has taken responsibility for the events that occurred during the Holocaust.

“We also appreciate the way Romania handled the Holocaust period. Romania acknowledged what happened at the time and decided to tell the younger generation what went on. The Holocaust is a period extremely hard to grasp. No one can imagine all the horrors that occurred back then. However, at present, when denial has become stronger, more vivid, I would like to thank all the Romanian authorities for everything they have done, and these gestures are highly appreciated in Israel,” the diplomat stated.

Chairperson of the Romanian Cultural Institute Liliana Turoiu said that the anniversary moment is also one of assessment, in relation to which, she added, “I believe we have to be lucid and take responsibility not only for the highlights but also for the wrongs and maybe even the guilt” as the respective acknowledgement represents “a light that we need both for the present and the future we hope for.”

Tuesday’s event is part of the series of manifestations dedicated to the Great Union Centennial and marks 70 years of diplomatic relations between Romania and Israel.

Also, being at its second edition, the conference aims to reflect the specificity of the community of Jewish people of Romanian origin established in Israel and the contribution brought to the establishment and development of this state.

At the conference, there were lectures and interventions held by specialists in history, international relations, political theory, diplomats, representatives of the Romanian-language press in Israel and personalities and culture people from both Romania and Israel, such as Prof. Emeritus Carol Iancu, Prof. Ladislau Gyemand, Prof. Andrei Marga, Doina Meiseles and the  Honorary Consul of Romania in Israel Zvika Herman Berkovici.

2018 is an important year both for Romania, which celebrates 100 years since the Great Union, and for Israel, which celebrates 70 years of existence, and 70 years of common diplomatic relations between Bucharest – Tel Aviv – Jerusalem have also passed. These topics have been approached at the event also through a Book Corner provided by the Libris and Rao publishing houses, where the participants in the conference could read a number of related works.

The conference was organized under the Strategic Program – The Common Romanian Cultural Space – Great Union Centennial 1918-2018 of the “Eudoxiu Hurmuzachi” Institute for the Romanians Abroad for 2018.

The event was organized with the Federation of the Jewish Communities in Romania, via the Jewish Community of Oradea, supported by the Bucharest Municipality.


Monument to Jewish heroes who sacrificed life for Romania in World War I, in Bucharest


The Chamber of Deputies plenary sitting adopted on Tuesday the draft regarding the building of a monument to the Jewish heroes who sacrificed their life for Romania in the First World War.

As many as 275 votes “in favour” were recorded and one MP did not cast a vote.

According to the draft, the monument will be built in the Bucharest municipality.

“The construction and inauguration of the monument is accomplished by the National Defence Ministry within 18 months from the entry into force of the present law. The provisions of this law are to be fulfilled in consultation with the Federation of Jewish Communities of Romania – the Mosaic Cult. The National Defence Ministry will draw up a draft resolution of the Gov’t to enlist the monument in the centralised inventory of the state’s public domain assets and place it into the management of the National Defence Ministry. On Heroes’ Day, the National Defence Ministry and the Federation of Jewish Communities of Romania – the Mosaic Cult are organising a ceremony commemorating the Jewish heroes who sacrificed their lives for Romania in World War I,” the project further shows.

The legislative initiative was also adopted in the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies is a decision-making forum.

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