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October 7, 2022

PNL tables simple motion ‘Lia Olguta Vasilescu – Minister of Lies and Social Injustice’

The PNL (National Liberal Party) filed on Tuesday the simple motion titled “Lia Olguta Vasilescu – Minister of Lies and Social Injustice”, Dan Vilceanu, deputy leader of the liberal group, announced in the Chamber of Deputies.

“The deputies of the PNL group announce tabling of the simple motion entitled” Lia Olguta Vasilescu – Minister of Lies and Social Injustice” to signal the serious problems faced by the public and private systems, culminating in being unique in the world, so that at the end of a month’s work, an employee does not receive the salary but has to give money back. We also offer to Mrs. Olguta Vasilescu, through this motion, the possibility or as many reasons to take the resignation she left at the headquarters of the party and give it to the prime minister,” Vilceanu said.

The Chamber of Deputies’ Standing Bureau is to decide on the debate in the plenary of the motion.


 Liberals’ simple motion: Dismissal of Labor minister imperative


In the simple motion titled “Lia Olguta Vasilescu – the Minister of Falsehood and Social Injustice” the Liberals argue that the Labor Minister needs to be removed from office for the incompetence displayed.

“Removing Lia Olguţa Vasilescu from office is imperative considering the gross incompetence she has shown in exercising her mandate as a minister, making Romania a one-off case in the world where, instead of being remunerated for the work performed, the employee owes the employer,” the Liberals argue in the simple motion filed on Tuesday with the Chamber of Deputies.

They further explain that over two million Romanians have had their wages trimmed, despite promises that this will not happen.

“Do no longer try to wiggle out, Mrs. Minister, because it’s impossible. The lies tossed without batting an eye can no longer help you out! The wage slip is clear proof, the Romanians now have lower wages or even worse than that, they have to put in money from their own pocket at the end of a month of work. For months you have lied that the wages will not decrease, but quite the contrary, they will go up, but from now on nobody trusts you and your government any more. (…) You’ve been exposed by your own lack of competence and you continued to defy the population. Ministers in other EU countries have resigned for less, they have not been proven liars by millions of people, as in your case. These are some of the reasons why you should send to the government the blank resignation you claim to have signed and submitted to the party,” the initiators of the motion state.

They also point to the fact that only 2.9 million employment contracts have been operated in the Revisal Employees Register out of a total of 6.3 million, most of them in the private sector, inquiring why state institutions do not apply the provisions of the law.

Noting that the MPs and the ministers are now collecting higher salaries, the Liberals ask Lia Olguta Vasilescu to explain how did her salary decrease, when she now gets 1,000 lei more.

The signatories of the motion say that the uniform pay law “scrambles up the public system and deepens imbalances.”

“We file this simple motion, Mrs. Minister Lia Olguta Vasilescu, because although the ordinances and laws promoted by you with the government’s support have triggered total chaos in the public and private system, you are unwilling to repair the evil you have done. You keep on releasing sloppily written ordinances, ignoring the country’s economic reality and the serious issues generated by your initiatives,” the Liberals say.

They further argue that Ordinance No. 4/2017, OUG No. 79/2017, OUG No. 3/2018, OUG No. 60/2017 and Law 153/2017 have driven Romania in the situation where “the employees owe the state after a month of work.”

“Moreover, we consider that through her public statements the Minister of Labor has threatened the business people and companies, as she said she would send the Territorial Labor Inspectorates (ITM) to their sites to compel them redo the employment contracts. Mrs. Minister considers that it’s the companies’ fault that they don’t have the necessary resources to renegotiate the labor contracts and increase the gross wages. We inquire where in this world does a government and a minister allow itself to threaten the companies that do not align to political orders? According to Mrs. Minister, it seems that the trade unions representatives, whom she promptly criticizes when they contradict her, will become the enforcers and snitches for the Territorial Labor Inspectorates regarding the companies that do not operate the gross wage increases so as to keep net payments the same,” the Liberals show.

The PNL deputies say that the public pension system is another “gross lie” of the Labor Minister’s mandate.

“You lied that we will have a new Pension Law under which the retirement income will increase. We have been waiting for it since October 1, 2017; we are now in February 2018. In a twist, the PSD changes the government program when you fail to keep to the deadlines promised in the electoral campaign,” the simple motion goes on to state.

The Liberals consider the legislation needs to be changed, starting with the repeal of the Government Ordinance No. 4/2017 and the pay grids in Law No. 153/2017.

The signatories of the motion urge the deputies to vote for it: “Vote for this motion if you are here for the citizens in your constituencies, do not judge today looking through the lens of your and your party’s gain. The salary of a deputy has increased, while the salary of the ordinary Romanian has shrunk! Is this what the Romanians have mandated you for? Blackball Labor Minister Lia Olguta Vasilescu and you’ll get a white ball from the citizens! Vote to pass the motion!”, the Liberals conclude.


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