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January 27, 2022

IGPF activity report: Over 16,500 illegal acts detected, almost 3,000 foiled border-crossing attempts

Border police detected last year nearly 16,600 illegal acts of which 8,436 crimes and 8,155 offences, according to the 2017 activity report of the Border Police General Inspectorate presented on Thursday by the head of the institution Ioan Buda.

“Most of the crimes were attempted or illegal crossing of the border (2,852 incidents), followed by economic and financial crimes, including the smuggling of goods (1,264 incidents) and fish poaching (727 incidents),” IGPF said.

Most criminal offences last year were spotted at the border with Serbia, accounting for 22.4 percent of the offences found at the Romanian border, and most of the contravention sanctions were applied at the border with the Republic of Moldova (32.9 percent of the total).

Last year 5,462 foreigners have been denied access to the country for failing to comply with the legal requirements to enter Romania.

Another 105 foreigners listed as a threat to public order, national security, public health or international relations have been stopped at the border following controls.

The border control detected 132,890 Schengen or national alerts, specifically 2,824 Romanian and foreign citizens for whom all-points bulletins had been issued and who were handed over to the competent authorities.

As regards illegal immigration, border police officers detected in their area of responsibility 5,846 foreigners who attempted to illegally cross the border, of whom 2,840 on the inbound and 3,006 on the outbound, most of them organized in groups of migrants guided by people-smugglers.

A number of 738 groups of migrants and 239 guides – Romanian and foreign citizens involved in helping migrants to illegally cross the border – have been stopped in their tracks.

A total of 4,706 people were apprehended at the green border and 683 of the identified migrants attempted to illegally cross the border hidden in various vehicles.

A number of 1,600 people applied for asylum status with the Border Police structures and have been handed over to the General Inspectorate for Immigration for the legal measures to be taken.

During the reporting period police took action in more than 1,000 cases to prevent the illegal entry of migrants at the Romanian-Serbian border.

Most people caught as they attempted to illegally cross the border come from countries such as Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey, Kosovo, India, Albania and Bangladesh.





Goods worth almost 110 million lei confiscated in customs in 2017


Romanian border policemen discovered 53 crimes of an economic-financial nature in 2017 and 1,211 smuggling and customs violations, with the total value of confiscated goods reaching up to 109.5 million lei.

“There were 253 such attempts of illegal border crossings recorded last year, these people also carrying illegal or undeclared goods,” according to the activity report of the General Inspectorate of the Border Police (IGPF) for 2017.

There were confiscated 4.9 million cigarette packages, with a total value of 47 million lei, more than 500 kg of tobacco and there were identified and dismantled 28 organized groups set for committing cigarette smuggling, 163 people involved.

The policemen also confiscated 28,663 liters of alcohol, 8.8 kg of silver and gold jewelry, 914,000 euros and dollars and 88.5 kg of amber.

“In what concerns intellectual property, there were discovered 182 such crimes, with counterfeit goods bearing internationally protected brands, such as 71,400 clothing and lingerie pieces, 18,360 cosmetic and perfumery products, 6,990 pairs of shoes, 1,224,070 other products (electronics, electrical products, toys, accessories for mobile phones etc),” shows the abovementioned document.

The policemen also discovered 151 cars suspected of being stolen, 88 weapons, most of them non-lethal, 6,087 cartridges (most of them for hunting weapons), more than 684 kg of pyrotechnical materials and 210,000 firecrackers (firecrackers, fireworks etc.).

The policemen also discovered 35.19 kg of cannabis, 1.67 kg of cocaine, 17 grams of hashish, 391,444 pieces, 29,603 ampoules and 0.92 kg of anabolic substances, 161 kg of narcotic substances, 4.2 kg of forbidden substances and 11,620 kg of pharmaceutical substances.

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