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February 4, 2023

Joint agenda of CCIB and Sistema Italia for the development of the bilateral economic and trade relations

President of the Bucharest Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIB) Sorin Dimitiru met on Thursday with the extraordinary and plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Italian Republic in Romania, H.E. Marco Giungi. The high diplomat was accompanied by representatives of the Embassy and other institutions operating in Romania under Sistema Italia: Nicoletta Fioroni, Secretary I, head of the Economic and Trade Bureau of the Embassy; Luca Gentile, Director of the Italian Foreign Trade Agency (ICE), which covers the commercial promotion sector of the Embassy; Roberto Musneci, President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Romania, Prof. Ezio Peraro, Director of the Italian Culture Institute; Giovanni Villabruna and Rocco Ferri, the President, respectively the General Manager of Confindustria Romania. The meeting was attended by the following representatives of CCIB, along with Univ. Prov. Eng. Sorin Dimitriu, PhD.: George Vodislav, General Manager, Prof. Eng. Ion Hohan, PhD., President of the Services Department, Pavel Pughin, President of the Industry Department, Prof. Eng. Gheorghe Gheorghe, PhD., President of the Research, Development and Innovation Department, and Ioan Sbera, President of the Collective Members Department.

At the opening of the meeting, Univ. Prof. Eng. Sorin Dimitiru, PhD., spoke about the activity of CCIB, a representative organization for the business sector of Bucharest, with an international openness and recognition, as well as about the foreign relations strategy of the Bucharest Chamber of Commerce and Industry. As for the development of the commercial and economic collaboration between the two countries, Univ. Prof. Eng. Sorin Dimitriu, PhD. Believes that organizing the “Business Opportunities’ Day” in Bucharest, in the first half of this year, followed by the “Italian Products’ Week in Romania”, are efficient steps for a better mutual knowledge and for identifying business opportunities. CCIB President also believes that the collaboration related to industrial projects on third-markets, the cooperation in the research field, focused on the aerospace sector, as well as in the university field, are advantages for both of the countries.

Reminding that the Italian Republic is Romania’s second trading partner with a volume of the bilateral trade exchanges of more than EUR 14 billion in the previous year, with the highest number of companies with foreign capital registered in Romania (over 45 thousands), that there is no economic field in which the cooperation between the two countries doesn’t exist, H.E. Marco Giungi presented Sistema Italia, which gathers public and private partners, aiming to support Italian companies operating abroad, including in Romania, to promote their interests and to collaborate with Romanian partners in order to value the business and investment opportunities between the two countries and on third-markets. In this context, the Italian Ambassador appreciated the proposals made by the President of the Bucharest Chamber, he highlighted their convergence with the main activity directions of Sistema Italia and assured him of the entire cooperation of the team which works under the Embassy’s authority.

At the meeting, the guests underlined their availability for experience exchanges and for the promotion of the best practices in fields like: green energy and overcoming the green certificates crisis, waste management, health system, as well as to promote cultural projects. In their turn, the presidents of the CCIB departments who attended the meeting expressed their wish to establish contacts with the Italian institutions operating in Romania, and thus to identify potential partners from Italy for the Bucharest business environment.

Thus, in the coming period, in order to implement the discussed projects, the CCIB team will collaborate with ICE and the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Romania to organize “The Business Opportunities’ Day Dedicated to Italy” and “The Italian Products’ Week in Romania”, with the representatives of Confindustria Romania in the research field and for the participation in industrial projects on third-markets, and with the Embassy’s officials in the aerospace field.

At the end of October, 2017 (available data), Italy was the second trading partner of our country in terms of the volume of trade exchanges (EUR 12.2 billion), with a share of 10.6% in Romania’s trade, being the second destination market for the Romanian goods (EUR 5.9 billion and a share of 11.2%) and the second country of origin of imported products (EUR 6.3 billion and a share of 10.1%). The year of 2017 will definitely be a record of the trade exchanges between Romania and Italy in all the three levels.

On December 31, 2017, according to the data provided by the National Trade Register Office, there were 45,542 companies with Italian capital registered in Romania (21.2% of the total number of foreign companies in our country, the 1st place at this indicator), with an invested capital of EUR 2.4 billion, representing 5.43% of the foreign capital subscribed in our country, which makes the Italian Republic to be placed on the 6th place in the ranking of the investing countries in Romania.

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