Kovesi’s statements stir reactions

Tariceanu: I believe she doesn’t see the plank in her eye, the institution’s eye, but looks for faults in the eyes of others


As expected, National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) Chief Prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi’s press conference on Wednesday evening, coming against the backdrop of the scandal that erupted following the revelations made by former House lawmaker Vlad Cosma – according to which the DNA falsifies evidence –, triggered ample reactions: some of support, others of criticism and scepticism that the clarifications made will shed light on the scandal that casts a shadow over the institution that fights corruption.

In the context of the statements made by DNA Chief Laura Codruta Kovesi, Senate Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu stated that “she does not see the plank in her eye, but is looking for faults in other people’s eyes,” pointing out that no pressure is being put on the DNA.

“I’ve seen in the press some fragments from Mrs Kovesi’s speech. I believe she does not see the plank in her eye, in the institution’s eye, but is looking for faults in other people’s eyes. I believe the institution, at this moment, is not subjected to any pressure, but it is the public, natural interest that all citizens have in what concerns the correct functioning of the judiciary. What has been happening lately, the revelations about what is happening within the institution, the DNA, cast serious doubt about its correct functioning, in observance of the law and of the fundamental rights that are being severely infringed. Here, the CSM and the Judicial Inspection have a determinant role to restore confidence in the judiciary,” Senate Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu stated.

Tariceanu said the Justice Minister will not be invited to a discussion within the coalition, pointing out that: “Parliament, as an institution, is looking very closely to the problems related to the observance of the individual’s fundamental rights, but managing justice is not the coalition’s problem but that of the Justice Minister and the CSM.”


Dragnea, sarcastic reaction to Kovesi’s statements: I’m calm; the evidence was not falsified


Asked by journalists for his reaction to the statements made by DNA Chief Prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi, PSD President Liviu Dragnea sarcastically said that he is “very calm” because the evidence was not falsified, and the law was not broken.

“I’m very calm. The evidence was not falsified, the law was not broken,” Dragnea said on his way to the meeting of the Joint Standing Bureaus.

At the end of that meeting, Dragnea avoided making any other comments and went to his office, accompanied by Senate Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu.


Ludovic Orban: DNA and DNA Chief Prosecutor subjected to concerted attack. The press conference was necessary


National Liberal Party (PNL) President Ludovic Orban stated on Thursday, for MEDIAFAX, that Laura Codruta Kovesi’s press conference was necessary, pointing out that the DNA and the DNA Chief Prosecutor are being subjected to a concerted attack launched by an alliance formed by people who are profoundly bothered that this institution exists.

“It was a necessary conference, and Mrs Kovesi’s arguments were clear and clarifying. The DNA and the DNA Chief Prosecutor have been subjected to a systematic attack for many years, one in which there is an inequality of chances in what concerns public communication. (…) Here we are talking about a concerted attacked launched for some time now by an alliance formed by some people who are profoundly bothered that the DNA exists, especially since the DNA dares investigate guilty attacks committed in the exercise of public office,” PNL President Ludovic Orban stated for MEDIAFAX.

Ludovic Orban said that “the long-announced dismissal request completely lacks any grounds.”

“I didn’t hear Dragnea or Tariceanu demanding the dismissal of [Interior Minister] Carmen Dan because of the paedophile policeman. You can’t hold the leader of an institution accountable for one, two or three employees not acting in line with the law or with professional deontology. Of course, the way an institution is perceived should not be affected by such weeds that are in every garden. A more rigorous management is needed in what concerns the observance of legality, of professional deontology and of professionalism in the activity of every prosecutor,” Orban added.

PNL President Ludovic Orban is being investigated in a DNA dossier.

The PNL President was acquitted in the first court, however the decision is not final and anticorruption prosecutors lodged an appeal. The PNL President is due to show up in court once again on February 19. This time around, the court’s decision will be final.

The DNA indicted Ludovic Orban in May 2016, accusing him of using his influence to obtain undue benefits, the case being tried by the High Court of Cassation and Justice.

Prosecutors claim that, on 1 March 2016, Ludovic Orban contacted a businessman whom he knew, asking him for campaign contributions in view of the local elections scheduled in the summer of 2016. Ludovic Orban had been nominated as PNL’s candidate for the Bucharest City Hall. The businessman whose financial support Ludovic Orban allegedly requested is Tiberiu Urdareanu.


Barna: USR continues to support DNA’s activity. I’m fully convinced that Iohannis will support the rule of law


Save Romania Union (USR) President Dan Barna stated on Thursday that his party continues to support the DNA and that he believes President Klaus Iohannis will adopt a position “of support for the rule of law.”

“Mrs Kovesi has managed to convince citizens of good faith that criminals are trying to confiscate the state. In what concerns the dismissal, obviously there are no serious grounds. Considering we have a Premier’s advisor sentenced to 8 years in prison and kept in office, there’s nothing to discuss,” Dan Barna wrote on his Facebook page.

He added that USR continues to support the DNA and Laura Codruta Kovesi, stating that, in his opinion, President Klaus Iohannis’s position will be one “of support for the rule of law.”

“USR continues to support the activity of the DNA and Mrs Kovesi at the helm of the institution. I am fully convinced that Mr Iohannis’s stance will be one of support for the rule of law, because we are talking about an assault on the rule of law, launched by a gang of criminals endowed with resources. I believe the President will be consistent with his previous positions. I believe he will use his prerogatives to support the DNA and its leader,” he added.


Udrea: How much nerve does it take to say it’s not true that the DNA falsifies evidence?


Ex-minister Elena Udrea wrote on Wednesday, on her Facebook page, after the DNA Chief Prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi’s press conference, that the latter had “the nerve” to deny that the institution is falsifying evidence because she knows nothing will happen to her.

“See why it’s good to have proof with these bastards? Because they calmly come out repeating that a broken machine – the DNA – “does not falsify evidence.” Yapping this worked when I told you, in 2015, that Dorin Cocos gave you money and gifts. Because it didn’t cross my mind to save the receipts or to film the bags of money. So, prosecutor Moraru quickly closed my Denunciations. But now, when a whole country has seen how you fabricate false evidence, how much nerve must one have to come out and say it’s not true??? I’ll tell you! The nerve given by the conviction that no matter what happens, no matter how grave it is, nothing will happen to you. Because those who can hold you accountable have wet themselves out of fear, the cowards and flunkeys,” Udrea wrote on her Facebook page.

She added that, at this moment, it matters what those ruling the country do and say, but they seem inexistent.

“At this moment what Onea, Kovesi, Portocala etc. say doesn’t even matter anymore. What matters is what those elected to rule the country, to defend democracy, to represent and defend the citizens and to defend the institutions say and do. And they don’t seem to exist! Dragnea is so cowardly that he blows up everything for the sake of the peace he keeps negotiating with Coldea and Kovesi, and the others – Iohannis doesn’t even breathe that’s how fearful he is; Tariceanu has probably grown tired [fighting] on his own; the Opposition sucks; Orban shivers at the thought he will be convicted in the appeal and Blaga, with a dossier on the dockets too, is waiting for others to solve the problems, as always. So much for men, so much for politicians, so much for leaders… pity the country that has fallen in their grip! With such a ruling class, it’s no surprise how easily the Establishment was able to take over power in Romania!” Elena Udrea concluded.


Association of Romanian Prosecutors: Attempt being made to discredit judicial institutions, especially the Public Ministry, which represents an attack on the state’s functioning


The Association of Romanian Prosecutors considers that lately an attempt has been made to discredit the judicial system, especially the Public Ministry, which represents an attack on the functioning of the state. The Association states that Public Ministry prosecutors exercise their prerogatives in good faith, defending the rights of citizens.

“The Association of Romanian Prosecutors notes with concern that lately, starting off from individual situations that are in the process of being solved by the competent bodies, an attempt is being made to discredit judicial institutions and the Public Ministry in particular,” the Association points out.

Prosecutors state that this attempt to discredit the judicial system is an attack on the functioning of the state, however they consider that Public Ministry prosecutors exercise their prerogatives in good faith and through their activity they defend the citizens’ rights and freedoms and the rule of law in Romania.

“We express our conviction that the individual situations that may appear in the functioning of any organisation will be clarified, with professionalism and objectivity, by the competent bodies that have already been invested,” the ARP points out.

The prosecutors express their confidence in the institutions of the judicial system which must be supported – not discredited – in order to function well.


Judicial Inspection contradicts Codruta Kovesi’s claim she was not disciplinarily probed in 23 years. DNA Chief Prosecutor probed in pending case


The Judicial Inspection (IJ) claims that since January 2017 the start of a disciplinary probe against the DNA Chief Prosecutor was ordered in two cases, the DNA Chief Prosecutor being currently investigated in only one of them.

“On 12 January 2018, the Judicial Inspection exercised a disciplinary action against Mrs Laura Codruta Kovei in one of these cases, so that on 14 February 2018 only one case in which the Chief Prosecutor is being disciplinarily probe was on the Judicial Inspection’s dockets,” the Judicial Inspection points out.

The statement comes against the backdrop in which the DNA Chief Prosecutor claimed on Wednesday evening that she was never disciplinarily probed in 23 years, pointing out that after “the assault on the judiciary” began she “surprisingly” and “suddenly” started having more disciplinary probes.

Referring to the audit that judicial inspectors carried out at DNA Ploiesti on 28 February 2017, the Judicial Inspection pointed out it had the following objectives:

  • Verifying the existence, within the branch, of data and information concerning potential dysfunctionalities in the activity of prosecutor Mircea Negulescu;
  • Ascertaining the way in which the branch monitored local press articles concerning the professional activity and conduct of prosecutor Mircea Negulescu, and also the way it notified the Public Relations Bureau of the National Anticorruption Directorate’s Central Structure about the results of the press monitoring;
  • Identifying the potential problems registered at the level of the branch in the activity of interviewing citizens and solving the notifications regarding the way prosecutor Mircea Negulescu carried out his duty;
  • Ascertaining the way prosecutor Mircea Negulescu’s activity was guided and controlled at the level of the branch;
  • Identifying the measures taken by the branch leadership to prevent the evolution of the case concerning prosecutor Mircea Negulescu.

“In parallel, the Judicial Inspection triggered several disciplinary procedures that targeted prosecutor Mircea Negulescu’s activity or conduct. Consequently, the audit report includes an analysis of the measures ordered by the DNA Ploiesti branch to prevent the evolution of the case concerning prosecutor Mircea Negulescu, and not an overall analysis of the activity of DNA Ploiesti prosecutors,” the Judicial Inspection explained.

The mention was made against the backdrop in which the DNA Chief Prosecutor stated on Wednesday that the DNA Ploiesti Territorial Branch was audited last year, verifications being carried out into the way prosecutor Mircea Negulescu worked from the standpoint of the Chief Prosecutor’s management too.


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