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October 23, 2021

PM Viorica Dancila says she will stay at Victoria Palace until 2020

Prime Minister Viorica Dancila stated on Thursday that she will stay at Victoria Palace until 2020, affirming that she will try to have a constructive attitude and be a premier that both the Social Democratic Party (PSD) – Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) coalition and Romanians want.

Asked at private TV broadcaster Antena 3 how long Viorica Dancila’s Government will last, she replied that until 2020.

“I will do everything that depends on me and I will try to have a constructive attitude, be the person that the PSD-ALDE coalition wants as premier, and this is important because it is a political and politically-supported government but also the premier to generate the Romanians’ confidence from now on,” Dancila said.


“Talk with President Iohannis focused on Centennial, Romania’s Presidency of EU Council, DNA”


Dancila told private Antena3 broadcaster on Thursday night that during the talk she had with President Klaus Iohannis the main topics the two approached were focused on the Centennial and Romania’s Presidency of the EU Council in 2019, adding that she also expressed concern on the situation that has been generated in the public area on the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA), which has to be cleared, in both the DNA’s benefit and the citizens’ who are waiting for an answer from the responsible factors.

When asked whether the president was interested to learn her opinion regarding the DNA “row”, the Premier specified she was asked how she saw things “in general”.

“No, in general, he made no reference to anything punctual. I said that what I saw in the public space seems to me worrisome, from the simple citizen’s viewpoint, yet from the point of view of the position I have, that of Prime Minister, I had to take the necessary measures, namely to call for the Justice Minister’s return to country (from an official visit to Japan, ed. n.), to have a talk with him and ask him to consider everything that surfaced in the public area and come up with a clear situation before the citizens and before Parliament, too,” the Premier said.

“I’ve also told Mr. President that to me it is worrying that even a Prime Minister can be subject to a criminal file. I am Prime Minister and to me it is highly important to learn the truth about these things that have surfaced in the public space,” Dancila added.

The Premier stressed that the only discussion she had on Justice with the President was the one she had just revealed and that the talk between the two of them was focused on the two country projects, the Centennial and the Presidency of the EU Council, in 2019, to be held by Romania.


“I wish transparent relation with EU leaders to avoid debates on Romania based on misinformation”


Prime Minister Viorica Dancila said she wants a much better relationship with the leaders of the EU institutions, a “fair and transparent” one, where the information is taken from the Government so that to avoid the debates in the European Parliament on Romania’s problems based on “misinformation” made by some Romanians in Brussels, mentioning Monica Macovei in the context.

“On Tuesday and on Wednesday I will be in Brussels, I will meet with the President of the European Commission, Mr. Juncker, the President of the Council, Mr. Tusk, the President of the European Parliament, Mr. Tajani, and of course I will have a meeting with the Romanian Commissioner on Regional Policies, Mrs. Corina Cretu. As I have said (…), I want to increase the European dimension of the governing and I think this is the first step. I want a much better relationship with the leaders of the European institutions, because we are waiting for an important period for the European Union , we are expecting an important period for Romania, the Presidency of the European Union, and I think it is very good for us to be able to sit at the table when talking about the future of Europe, when important European policies are outlined and I mean the cohesion policy and the common agricultural policy that is so important for Romania,” Viorica Dancila said on Thursday on Antena 3 when asked about her visit next week in Brussels.

The prime minister added that she aims at another approach with European leaders. “A correct and transparent approach, in which information is taken from the Government and to avoid misinformation that has created so much dissatisfaction, I say on my part, on Romanians’ part, so that Romania and the problems that exist in Romania will no longer be discussed in the plenum of the European Parliament, based on the misinformation which, unfortunately, the Romanians do for Romania,” Dancila said.

Asked who the Romanians are misinforming at EU level, the premier said: “I know the Romanians in Brussels, but I do not exclude some Romanians also from the country”.

“We know how much wrong Mrs. Monica Macovei has done for us for nine years in the European Parliament, I have seen her attitude. This has created a state of sadness for us, because problems may be in many countries, each country has its problems but they also solve them internally, you do not come to tell on your own country and demand that it should be judged by another 27 countries in the plenum of the European Parliament. I think that if you are a good Romanian you do not do this. And I have seen good Romanians, my European fellow MEPs who defended Romania in Brussels and have shown the lies and misinformation that have been at the level of the Parliament at the level of the Commission. I deeply congratulated Dan Nica, Puiu Pascu, Norica Nicolai, Victor Bostinaru, Maria Grapini, all the other colleagues who wanted to show the reality. For two minutes I put myself in their place and I thought I had done the same thing for years. And every time, I thought it would be the last time, but unfortunately this was not over. I want to have another approach so that European leaders are properly informed and what we have seen so far no longer repeats,” said Dancila.


Pension law to be adopted in Parliament by year’s end, no pension will decrease


She also  declared that the pension law must be adopted in Parliament by the end of the year, stressing that no pension will decrease.

“As it is [stipulated] in the governing program, the pension law must be adopted by Parliament by the end of this year. Of course it will be launched for public debate, so that everyone who wants to make improvements can do so. What I can tell you now is that we will meet the governing program, no pension will decrease, and if we have equal pay under the Pay Law, we will now have equal pension for equal work, because it is an act of normality,” Viorica Dancila told Antena 3 private TV broadcaster.

She mentioned that “the pension point will increase this year to 1,100, the following year, in 2019, to 1,265, and in 2020, it will increase to 1,775.”

“So, the Pension Law will surely include what we have provided for in the governing program. We are working on the Pension Law, we have discussed with the [labour] minister, but I cannot talk about a final form as there are several variants. The final form will include everything that will come out from the public debate, and the principles that I have previously announced,” added Dancila.

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