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October 4, 2022

PNL to challenge at Constitutional Court law that enhances immunity of CC judges

The National Liberal Party (PNL) announced on Thursday that it will attack at the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) the amendments to law no.97/1992 on the CCR, amendments that give CCR judges enhanced immunity. The Liberals are accusing the parliamentary majority of “seeking to lure an important professional category with privileges of the super-immunity type.”

“We notice that the PSD-ALDE-UDMR parliamentary majority has adopted a bill with which it seeks to lure an important professional category with privileges of the super-immunity type. In this context, we recall the adoption of a similar amendment during the debates on the amending of the judicial laws, in order to institute a regime of immunities in the case of magistrates,” the PNL points out.

Likewise, the PNL points out that CCR judges made no “public demand” on the topic of immunity, accusing PSD-ALDE-UDMR of seeking to make the judges “accomplices” in the campaign to alter the principle of equality before the law.

“We point out that there has been no public demand on the part of CCR judges on this topic of immunities. Consequently, we consider that the PSD-ALDE-UDMR majority seeks to make the Constitutional Court judges accomplices, against their will, in the campaign carried out lately to alter the principle of equality before the law. In this sense, the PNL will act through the instruments it has at its disposal to bring this case before CCR judges,” the Liberals add.

The Liberals claim that they trust the CCR members “will distance themselves from such toxic actions and will not judge based on the potential advantages but within the letter and the spirit of the Constitution, proving their impartiality, balance and fairness.”

The bill tabled by House member Adnagi Slavoliub, representative of the Serbian minority, a bill that would allow Constitutional Court judges to benefit from enhanced immunity, was adopted by the Senate with 81 votes in favour, 19 against and 4 abstentions. According to the bill, a CCR judge can be criminally prosecuted, detained, arrested, searched, or indicted only with the consent of two thirds of his colleagues.

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