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September 30, 2022

Kaufland opens a new store in Bucharest and creates another 130 jobs

On Saturday, Kaufland Romania opened the 119th store of the network and the 13th store in Bucharest.

Thus, the company created 130 new jobs in Bucharest, supporting the development of the local community, and at the same time strengthening its position in the top of the largest private employers in Romania.

Especially on the occasion of the opening, Kaufland organizes sessions for tasting goodies and invites its customers in the new store, to enjoy the taste of freshness until Tuesday, February 20; Monday is reserved for tasting Romanian products of the range “K-Vreau din Romania”: horn-shaped cookies, sponge cake, crackers, natural juice, and separately, sausage tasting; on Tuesday, a fresh cheese tasting is scheduled.

The hypermarket is located in the Odai district, at 152 Alexandriei Road, 5th District, and has a sales area of 3,414 square meters, which is included in a total area of 5,201 square meters. The parking lot has 239 car seats, of which 6 seats are for families and 10 seats for people with disabilities. There are 12 racks for those who use the bicycle as a mean of transportation.

The shopping gallery in the store is endowed with an integrated Food Court, where customers can discover an especially arranged space for having meal, which includes Fornetti Food and Beverages, with a wide range of pastries, coffee and other drinks, and a Gourmand bistro with hot food. Also inside the gallery, there is a Tabac Xpress press point, a Help Net pharmacy, and a BRD ATM.

Kaufland also provides a Grill point outside the store, for those who want to eat fast.

Also, this is the first store in Bucharest through which Kaufland Romania implements the project of expanding the fresh fish sections, after an enriched assortment concept which will be brought in 34 stroes of the network. Thus, customers can choose from a wider range of fresh fish and seafood products. Some of the available specialties are: red tuna, Saint Jacques scallops, living clams, langoustine, bio salmon and many others.

Some of the available sections are the vegetable and fruits section, the assisted service window, which include the fresh fish section arranged according to the expanded assortment concept – with 24 types of fish and specialties, as well as the bakery, basic food, sweets, beverages, non-food products and pharmacy sections.

The store is arranged according to the latest Kaufland Romania design concept, in order to provide the customers with a simplified, quicker and more pleasant shopping experience.

Kaufland pays a special attention to the environmental protection, therefore this hypermarket also benefits from an environmentally-friendly air-conditioning system – a modern complex system that recovers heat from the refrigerators and saves natural resources, with environmental responsibility. While during the winter the installation heats the store, it reverses the process during the summer, in order to provide the store with pleasant ambient temperatures according to the public health standards. Also, all the refrigerating devices in the store are Freon free and use only CO2, thus protecting the environment and the natural resources.

“We continue to be dynamic and to expand our network across the country, including in Bucharest, where we appreciate that there is still a potential for development. The new store also brings a significant support to the local community, from several points of view. It is one of the hypermarkets with the highest number of employees, and we are glad that this way we manage to create new jobs. At the same time, this store also provides an assortment focused on Romanian products, more than 50% of all the products, and by supporting their purchase, we encourage local economy” stated Valer Hancas, Communication & Corporate Affairs Manager at Kaufland Romania.

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